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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Goodbye Mindshare

My days in mindshare is coming to an end... It has been a great experience to be in this company for the past 5 months plus and there has been so much that I have gained. I made so many friends, learnt so many things. I joined Mindshare on the 15th of November and up until now, I have been able to secure new friendships, some from the very beginning, some from the very last days. I have seen people come in to join this big family and I have bid farewell to a few as well. Leaving this place means that I will be leaving many friends behind but I am glad that I will be taking away so many memories as well... a recap of what happened throughout my days in Mindshare...

Mindshare was voted "Agency of the Year" and a party was held at the Westin hotel in Bukit Bintang. It was the first company party that I attended and it was really, well, boring. Main reason is because I do not know anyone there but it was there I met Shel and she is one of the dearest friend that I have here ( to me anyway ). Shel has always been someone who is brutally honest with me and I really enjoyed this friendship that we have, not pretentious, not fake. Those are the exact two words that she used to describe me. Pretentious and fake.

Oh well, that aside, time passed and one week before christmas, the pool part was on. It was held at Corus hotel and it was a crazy evening. I have a post written about that as well, so if you would like to know more, then go to that post. Hahaha, it was at this party that I got to know more people and more people got to know about me. I have no idea if it was a good thing...

The most recent party that we attended was the Mindshare 8th birthday party. This event was one crazy event and the theme was slumber party. I was actually expecting it to be so grand that everyone would dress up. I got my suit prepared and my silk shirt pressed, matching tie and Versace shoes and I even got a new pair of Renoma undies. Imagine my disappointment when I found out that it was actually themed slumber party. Every one would not be wearing their evening gowns and suits but instead in their sleepwear: lingeries, pyjamas, robes... HOLY SHIT...it was then I feel rejuvenated again. It's not so bad after all, I am not disappointed no more, no sir. I went with great anticipation. I was even the designated photographer. I waited and people started coming in. My hands were busy, camera on the right and a beer on the left. I felt cheated... I felt so so cheated. Everyone was so reserved, no one bared anything... but being the young, naive and innocent guy that I am, I proceeded to do my job, which is of course to take pictures and camwhore. I got drunk that night... hahaha... not because I can't drink, but just that, ok fine, I can't really handle my booze and so I ended taking pictures of myself and others. So what... anyways... I will post those pictures next time.

Until then, Goodbye Mindshare.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Brand New Day

Dear all,

The past two weeks have not been a pleasant experience for me. And in my previous two post, I have ranted, vented, expressed and said everything that I wanted to. Now I feel much better.
First off, sorry to everyone who feel offended. I know that my words has been laced and heavily coated with malice and I apologise. No one should have to go through all those. By saying sorry, I am not saying that I am wrong, but just wish to steer everything away from the wrong-ness of the whole situation. We trip, we fall, we learn. I tripped, I fell and learned and whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.... or paralysed, or scared, or paranoid, or disfigured, or in-pain, or confused, or...many many more. We have the power to choose and I chose the first option.
So here again, I apologise to everyone and would like to ask just once, can we all just start fresh? Can we, together, make the world a better place? Can we, together, fight terrorism and create a world where people of all age, sex and race live in total peace and harmony? Can we, together, not hold any grudges, shake hands, accept the past as a lesson and brave the future knowing that we have a friend beside us?
We have grown to be like strangers... many of us... let's relive our world without strangers.

Disclaimer: Post targets no one in particular, instead, it is for everyone whom i know and may have offended.
The last three words was taken from the tagline of GIORDANO

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Power of Words

I guess that this would be a short post. I have never underestimated the power of words that one can have on another but I did not imagine that it would be so great, so great as to it would be able to poison the minds of others. One of the saddest thing that could happen to a person is betrayal. Even sadder than that is the fact that many more think the same of you because of what one person said. It spreads like wild fire. No one bothered to look at two sides of the coins. You have become a target of stereotype. You have become a target of despise. You suddenly become more well known but for all the wrong reasons. Reasons that you yourself would find hard to accept and would hate yourself so much for it. Since when has it been OK to be so judgmental of others? Fair enough that we have our own views and fair enough if someone does not like you but to the extent of using your friend's trust towards you to turn them against someone else? In one of my earlier post, I mentioned that I hate to find out the truth by having to piece the puzzle one by one. It just makes it so much harder to accept.

On a happier note... FUCK THERE IS NO HAPPIER NOTE! Well, I have had a few well wishes in the previous post and I thank everyone who wished me well. Maybe not too many of my friends read my blog, maybe they don't give two fucks or maybe they just disagree. I am currently the target for scorn. So much hostility around now. I thought that I wanted to clean up my act and things just comes along and I realise that I am not wrong. Not entirely at least. Well, anyway, I know that I have done my part. I did what I can. Thank you again to my true friends.

Aibo is recovering and is feeling much better now. He was having skin disease but now he is so much more active. He lost weight and looks much better now. I do feel bad for Shirly www.blisstic.blogspot.com as she has to put her dog to sleep. Her dog is 12 years old and I know that it must be hard and heart wrenching for her. Do take care and should you need anything, we are always here.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


It's at times when somehow something happens that makes you feel like deja' vu. Something bad happened once before and it scarred you deep enough but you grit your teeth, clenched your fist, took a deep breath and chose to forget it. Reason? The other party is your friend. Dear enough that you chose to wipe it all clean and forget the situation and since then, you realise that maybe you are not good enough of a friend. You try to buck up. You become more supportive of all he does, you, in short, try to make him feel your presence and hope that he appreciates you as a friend as you do to him. Time passes of course and it is always like this... you forgive once, and they expect the same should the same situation happens again. Upon confrontation, it seems, that what's done is for your own good. Why be so self-righteous? Why be a saint? Should you consider your friend hurting you as helping you? To make you realise? Maybe it does not work that way for all people. Who are you to judge as to who is right or wrong? Were you even there to see? If it was possible, you wish that you could have him live in your body for a day and let him feel how you feel. Maybe then he would not do what he did... but who knows? Who dictates who is the victim in any given situation? People act the way they do because they have different opinions and would undoubtedly feel that what they did is right. Sometimes you just wonder what your friendship is worth, if it could be measured, how would you fare as a friend?
How would I fare as a friend?
For me, a friend is simple yet everyone tend to complicate it. A friend is simply someone who stands with you, stands for you and stands you. Simple as that. Why all the *behind the back* talk? This may be the second time I am asking this on my blog but have I not done enough as a friend? Please... if in any way I can improve, do enlighten me. There must be some serious fault with me if this could happen to me again and again or as I questioned earlier, has friendship lost all its' worth? Friendship... I realise, no matter how long it lasted, could only take a minute to break. Is it worth it? Is friendship worth sacrificing for anymore?
Do friends talk bad about you in front of others? In a comical way, everyone laughs. Add a hint of seriousness to it, you will see sneers and jeers from them. And so again, how much is my friendship really worth... if it even has a value to it.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wedding Bells

Greetings to you guys... it has been fucking long, I know, but I have been busy with something that a lot of my friends does not have, a job. It has been such a long time and somehow or rather, in a very weird way, I missed blogging. I miss sharing my life with my friends when I know fucking well that there are so many of them who will just leave nasty comments to make me feel less than I am. But who the fuck cares... besides me of course. There were so many things that I know that I want to blog about but after all these while, I have forgotten what they are already and I guess I can only resort to pictures to remind me but it seems that I am not camwhoring as much as I used to so I lost my only source as well. Well, I'll see what I can put up.

First of all, the ATB event held at Sepang. I know, a lot of you that went have blogged about this already and it has been a long time ago. BUT SO WHAT? Hear me rant anyway. It was a fun filled night. It was also a sweat-filled, rubbish-filled, idiots-filled, and smell-of-pee-in-the-air-filled night.

Wern 'Fucking Poser' Shen

Janelle & Charles 'Innocent & Charming' Chen

Lili, Shirly & I Ling

It's either I am someone who does not have a lot of weekend life or nothing interesting happened to me lately cos I seriously do not know what else happened to me anymore besides work. Shit... I guess I will have to move on to my visit to the cemetery to pay a visit to my grandma and gramps... but nothing special there as well so I guess I will spend the next ten minutes thinking of something meaningful to write.

Oh ya and another thing that is very memorable. It was one of the weekends and a bunch of us went to Red-Box ( a karaoke joint for those who does not know ). Patronizing karaoke lounges is something that we do very often but it was that night that made it the very more special as it felt complete. All my best buddies were there and of course my girl.

Chee ' Player' Yaw, Wern 'fucking poser' Shen, Charles 'Innocent&Charming' Chen, Janelle, Chee 'Small Eyes" Leong.

Just last Sunday I went to a friend's wedding in Ipoh. All the way up from KL but I drove there nonetheless. Reached there an hour before the dinner starts and until that time, I still could not believe it. I could not believe that a friend of mine is actually getting married. I have had colleagues getting married, or neighbours or dad's friends or whoever but not my friend. I had a strange feeling in me when I saw them as it made me think of my own wedding. When will it be? Where will it be held? I feel that small rumble in my stomach just thinking about the big day. When you finally become one with your spouse, joined in matrimony, till death do you part... or divorce but the thing is, you make a pledge, a vow to be with that special someone for the rest of your life. There will be no more barriers and should not even be secrets amongst you. You share everything. You share wealth, joy, tears, pain... you share their life, their dreams, their beliefs, their parents... but the thing is, how do you know when you are ready? How do you know that you are mature enough, your financial status is stable enough to support a family, that your heart is willing to stay in one place and stop exploring? I guess one would know when the time comes. Something will trigger them and make them realise that the search is over, that they have finally found the one, that they know who they want to wake up to every morning and hug every night to sleep.

My congratulations, most sincere congratulations to Ben and Merry for being blessed with each other. May the both of you have nothing but happiness and content towards each other.

Tomorrow is Mindshare's 8th Birthday and the party is themed "Slumber Party". I don't foresee anything interesting in particular besides the fact that girls will be turning up in lingeries, pyjamas, and what else I have no idea but I guess it will be a feast to many guy's eyes. To make things clear, I am a young, naive and innocent boy so even if I look at girls in lingerie, it does not mean that I will have thoughts about them laced with sexual innuendos. I will be the photographer for the night so I guess I will be taking many pictures that will make the guys happy for a long long time. If possible, I will load up some pictures for you guys to enjoy. Alright, that's all for now, so wait up for the pictures.