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Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Valentine's

Feb 14 has always been a date that envelopes most guys with mixed feelings. It's a time for people to actually show their better half how much love and appreciation they have towards each other but on the other hand, there's the expensive everything. Is it really worth it? Depends on how you look at it of course. Sure, many would say that everyday is Valentine's but in true fact, it is not. True enough that you can celebrate love every day and when you are together, everyday is special but it is on Feb 14 that makes it more special. Reason? I have not the slightest idea but for me, it is a chance for me to not prove, but to re-assure her that on that special day, I have chosen to be with her and will choose to for many more to come ( only applicable if she does not dump me). For now, I will keep my fingers crossed but I have faith. Haha.

First of all, a formal introduction is in place. This is Janelle. My better half who somehow manage to sort out my complex DNA and evolved me into a human. I was sort of uncertain before this as to which category I fall under between Homo Sapiens and Primates. Got together on the 27th of January which means that we have been together for a whopping 20 days!!! (Should have waited til after Valentine's so that I could save a little....). So now, back to Valentine's. Is it really worth all the hoo haa? Of course it is. I have to say 'Thank you' to her, not only for bringing me down from the trees but also for everything that she has done for me. Oh my god, why on earth am I saying that I am a monkey when I exude so much charm? Please disregard the fact that I said that I was confused about my true identity. And do disregard my self-praise. For Valentine's, the first pressie that I got, which I very much adore is this:

A brass Zippo Lighter

Haha, funny that Janelle gave me this as she asked me to smoke less. Anyway, this was given to me before Valentine's day and I really liked it and that was until I received the next present from her on Valentine's day itself. Not that I liked the Zippo any less but it's just that... You know how sometimes someone puts so much effort into doing something to see a smile on your face? It's not only because of the gift itself that made me feel so so touched but it's the time and effort that she put in it. It is a card that she made for me.

Its just a card... why the hell is that idiot so happy for...? We made a card for him on his 16th Birthday when we were still in Sri Cempaka and it was filled with "praises". Those words are actually what I think a few people would say to me. As usual, I will not name names like Faridz, Syafiq, Johan, Razman, Gerard... and a few more I think. Oh guys, I am still keeping that card (Made with 100% effort using a piece of art block folded into half) but behold...

Gigantic Birthday Card... all framed up.

We had dinner that night at a place called Chandelier. Food was crappy cos it was all pre-cooked but of course it does not matter what you eat and where you dine but who your company is. The night went smoothly with wine, beer, mocktails and chicken so bad you wished that they served KFC. The ambience was not bad at all but the dinner did play a big part in making it not so perfect. But Valentine's is a day for people to renew their love and vows to each other and the most important thing is to really let your better half know how much you treasure them and how much more you will from that day on. And dear friends, that is the reason why so many people would still be more than willing to spend on that memorable day, knowing that they will be facing a bank account which is drier that the mighty Sahara. So to everyone, this may be a little late but Happy Valentine's.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

See you....

This post is dedicated to Reagan, my brother, who will be leaving for Australia today. Just wanna tell you that I will miss you and please do take care... Guess that I will just have to see you next year. Do call ya. Should you need anything, I will be here.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


All I've gotta say is let bygones be bygones... I am tired.....

On a brighter note, I have accumulated some of the comic strips that I ripped from www.explosm.net and these few, and I do emphasise, does NOT reflect on my personality howsoever even though some may disagree... enjoy

These comic strips have nothing at all to do with the real Charles... Just wanna tell everyone that I do not want to hold any grudges. Let bygones be bygones.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Colourful CNY

Chinese New Year is over, well not officially but since the holidays are over, CNY has nothing to offer anymore, for me at least. I would like to first and foremost wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year, although a little late, but you know how it goes, better laid than takde. CNY has always been hailed as a joyous occasion and true to that, it has provided me many happy moments and for that I am thankful. Collected many Ang Pows and met many relatives, although many of them I do not give a shit about, but hey, it's CNY, time to forgive and forget and con small kids' money. Gambled a little bit and won about 350+. All in all, a good new year and made better after I have met my special someone whom I am loving more with each passing day.

Many things happened during the last weekend and it was really full of shit. Many people were hurt and of course I have succumbed to many attacks, verbal and physical. I tried to be reasonable and more often than always, I am viewed as the unreasonable one. I do not deny the fact that I have wronged many people but is it not a norm for most to push the blame to others? Does it make them feel better? Of course it does. If I am the only person to bear the entire fault and all the fingers pointed at me, it would somehow relieve them off their wrong doings and in turn make it better for their conscience. FUCK YOU ALL!! Have I not proven my friendship to you guys? And now that shits happened and since it is something that has already become a fact, just live with it. Now you guys wanna run around talking about me doing all these fucked up shits and all. I can accept the insults and all the blames that you guys throw at me but leave those who are innocent out of it. Even before you guys start to bombard me with all those bull-crap that are weighing you guys down so that your shoulders would feel less burdened with guilt, if you do somehow feel it, look at yourself in the fucking mirror and tell me if you really see a fucking angel with no fucking fault and played no fucking role in all this drama. This is supposed to be a happy occasion and I sincerely see no problems at all but you guys chose to put in your two cents and fucking blow it out of proportions. You guys listen to one side and start to judge... is that not shallow? Should you not be more responsible and ask for the truth or the events that took place if you feel that you should fucking bury your nose into the whole scenario? People involved may be your friend/s, even close one at that but please be fair. I have always treated you guys as friends and if this is how you wish to return my friendship, then thank you, thank you so very fucking much. If you do not feel happy for me or give consent to my relationship, not that I need you guys to fucking approve of anything, then just keep it that way but do not launch any shits this way please. Even after all that had happened, I have been fucking patient. Do not take it for granted. Seriously do not take my patience for granted. I have my commitments and I believe that you guys do too and so we will play our part and it is that simple. Do not fucking get artistic and make things over-complicated. It has never been something difficult to start with but you guys seriously managed to make a fucking mountain out of a fucking molehill.

Yet, I am happy. I feel content. Thank you to my girl for staying by my side and never once gave up on me even after all these shits that happened and I owe you the biggest apology for not being able to take care of you as I should. I left you open to all those attacks but it shall not repeat. Thank you to my good friend who understands and tried to help. May not have turned out the way that you thought it would but it is very much appreciated. Thank you guys too for allowing me to know what you guys really think of me and showing me who you really are. I have never been a good judge of people but I am sure that I could not go wrong with the two people that I thanked. Hope that time will really dilute the misunderstanding… hahaha misunderstanding… Til next time, take care.