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The life of a regular guy, going through irregular changes, looking for simple pleasures in life. Funny how seldom you can put simple and pleasure together. Everyone needs to believe in a GOD and I believe I can fill your believe. To you, I shall be GOD.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

It's cloudy

I don't even know if anyone even bothers coming back to check anymore. It's been long but it just seems old that I keep repeating the same thing everytime I write my posts, that I have not updated for a very long time. Whatever the reason, I miss doing this. It's as if I am talking to many friends all at the very same time. I used to preach about so many things but now when I try to share, I cannot find anything to say... probably just because I know that I am talking to no one.

If you are there, I am just here to say 'Hello' and hope that all is fine with you.