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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

same new me

The feeling of being recognized always brings forth a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. You feel that you have somehow proven your self worth but it does not justify your importance of your working virtue as the saying goes, 'no one knows what goes on behind closed doors'. It does make me proud however, that someone realize the work that I am doing and the change that I am trying to achieve. It is never easy and I doubt that it will ever be easy to fully comprehend what goes on in another person's mind and thus not understanding how people view you. I have been someone who cared tremendously about how people think of me, as many would know, I do not exactly have angelic impression on others.

There are times that I look back at all the things that went on in my life. Previous relationships, broken friendships, rebelling against my parents; safe to say, I am not exactly a role model. I do try to change and thus far, I guess that I have made the best of me out of me. People change and we often hear others say " We should change for ourselves and not because people expect us to change". It's true. We change some point in our lives because we know that the actions that we have taken somehow influenced someone else's life. That someone might have cried because of you, that someone might have had her heart broken, that someone might have lost faith in certain things, lost faith in friendships. We change because of the effects that we have on other people, effects that brings pain. I have changed much just because of that, because I have dented the otherwise good life of other people.

Back to the point, sorry that I went way over the topic. I am not someone who is vain, not to an extreme at least, but I love recognition. Recognition of my work, recognition from my peers. Men's Folio did an interview about me, writing about my contributions to my company. I am extremely flattered and just thought of sharing.