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Friday, July 14, 2006

SuperCharles Returns... not that anyone gives a damn

Hey guys, it's been freakin' long hasn't it? I have been kinda free actually but I have no idea why I have not been posting. To say that I am lazy to type, that can't be true. To say that I have nothing to say, no events took place, that is even more absurd. So where have I been? What have I done? What is going on with me lately?... For those who gives a damn, the answers are coming right up.


Well, in my absense from the world of blogging, I have actually been to Penang, Singapore and Shanghai in no particular order. First of, let me start off with my trip to Penang. There were five of us in this MPV and the journey started from Cindy's place. The weather was on our side that day and the journey was great.

First stop was at a R&R area where we whacked some coffee at Dunkin Donuts which by the way, is infested with flies and waited patiently for the f*ckin KFC to open. After our meal, we headed on to Penang where we checked in to Equatorial Hotel which is quite a distant away from town. With none of us being local, we got lost a few times finding our way back to the hotel at night.

The Girls

The Guys

On that trip, we met up with Wern Shen and Hon San who stayed right at the other end of the island from our hotel. If I remember correctly, that place was called Ali's place or something. It was near the beach, right in front of the sand and sea, literally. It was actually quite fun although the food was really disappointing. We actually went on a jet ski ride where Darrell (riding with Lili), was too much of a pussy to put up a race with me (riding with Meng) and Hon San was playing with himself. Cindy and Wern Shen stayed ashore, what they did, I have no idea. The funny thing is, some of the best times were spent in the hotel room where crazy antics lightened up what should be a boring night. The seven of us then spent the rest of the time to do what tourists do in Penang... we eat. After Penang, we stopped by Ipoh and went to the authentic KOPITIAM which I felt was not all that great. I even preferred their 3-in-1 white coffee as compared to those prepared by them on the spot.

Trip to Singapore was a great one, not because anything especially memorable happened but because I got to taste so much good food there. Our host was great and nothing but the best was served to us. I have a few pictures but damn it I have no freaking idea where I put it (it is in a thumbdrive somewhere with someone). It was actually for the launch of the new RENOMA range. The range itself is different from what it used to look like, more charisma, wilder, bolder and in a way, weirder. But the trip was kinda good actually besides the fact that I do not have a single Singapore dollar in my pocket and had to resolve to tricks to con my dad out of 50 Sing dollars so that I could go get my supplies of poison for my lungs.

WHERE THE HELL DID I SAVE ALL MY PICTURES???? I have no idea how I am gonna continue writing this entry not knowing where my pictures are. Well, I think I will actually continue with stories about my trip once I found out where the pictures are because I think that it is kind of pointless to continue without some images to brighten up my page.

The following actually has nothing to do with my trips, but more of a personal entry. Not too long ago, something fucked up happened and it kind of ruined the bond that I had with a friend of mine. I felt so much anger and frustration that I buried it so bloody deep inside my heart that I felt pain even when I heard that person's name. The feeling of hatred does swallow you up but I guess if you know how to slap yourself in the face and wake up, then everything will turn for the better, if you only take that moment to reflect on which is more important, grudge and anger or friendship and laughter. It is not easy, of course, and it took me long enough to let everything go. Took me long enough to tell myself that enough is enough. Someone who I treasure and love asked me many times as to why I have changed. Changed to become so defensive, so short tempered as if the whole world is against me. Changed to a person with no faith in anyone and treat everyone as if they are out to get me and hide behind a mask that always smiles but in fact, the face behind the mask is always wary. I took too much time to look at the fault of others when in fact I do not realise how many people have forgiven me for the grave sins that I have committed, where in the course of doing that, hurt countless people. I realise that those people take me as their friend and that is why they stand by me and not give up hope on me. If I am to be a friend, I must be able to do that as well, at least. Life is too fucking short to be always pissed off at someone or another so why not make the best out of it? To my friend, I had a great time over tea on that evening.

Thank you to all my friends who stuck by me and I guess that the old Charles is back to stay. Thank you to everyone who believed that I could be who I was and who I am supposed to be.