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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And the booze keeps pouring in

The past weekend was definitely great. First off there was the NTV7's 10th anniversary held in KL Convention Centre. It was a grand event, grand because there was a free flow of champagne and it does not matter what champagne it is be it moet or dom perignon or veuve cliquot, it was good. Free flow is always good. I did not get drunk that night though most probably due to the fact that I was walking here and there, in and out. The best parties are always those parties when you meet a lot of people that you know and when you have attended enough events, that would no longer be a problem as you will most probably bump into the same group of people over and over again. Theme that night was Black and Gold and it is always very easy for a guy, all you need is a black shirt and a gold tie and you are set for the evening. Girls had it easier because they were either in all black or all gold. Jien was the host for the night with performances by the guy who took off his shirt and kena fucked by our government and also a few others. I am sorry if I do not know all of them ok? I was reacquainting myself with Ms. Champagne which looks very sexy in the flute. Met up with a few of my ex-colleagues from Mindshare and it was great to catch up. I mean, it was great that they still talked to me after all the little incidents that happened involving me and some people from the opposite sex, creating a name for myself. Not in a good way. The night ended for me after I won a bottle of Henessy from them through a lucky draw. They had all these names with numbers beside them on a gigantic screen notifying you what you have won. My number on screen that night? 88. I think I have a special something with this number. Went home to sleep quite early that night, before 2am definitely and woke up relatively early the next morning. Had an appointment. I inked myself again. I used to have this scorpion tattooed on my left arm and it was always ridiculed for having nine legs. That was a thing of the past. Scorpion is gone. It is now replaced by a half finished tribal tattoo which after 40 days, will have to go through touching up and final touches.

If you look closely, you can still make out the shape of the scorpion

The whole process including drawing too about 2 hours and the picture above is taken on the night after the tattoo was done. It was painful but definitely bearable since this is not the first time I have gotten myself a tattoo.

The picture above was taken at the Henessy Artistry event and this brings me to the final part of this post. This is said to be and I believe it to be tru
e, the biggest Henessy Artistry event ever held here. MACHI and Flo Rida was brought down and the opening act was done by Pop Shuvit. The whole night, Henessy was everywhere. Held in Bukit Kiara Equestrian Park, the whole hall was segregated to Henessy Miami, Paris, Shanghai and KL I think and of course there is the general space in the middle. One of the best parties that I have been to but its been a long time since I got drunk to the level I could not walk.