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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am going to bankrupt BOSTON with some friends!!

A couple of people here and there did ask me a couple of time now and then as to why my blog has been idle for some time which somehow makes me feel a little unimportant because when I say a couple, I meant one, maybe two at most, or maybe twice by the same person. Well, some of you know why and it's better to keep it that way. So, my dear friends, or the people who still drop by every once in a while, how have you been? It's so nostalgic, those days when my readers weren't just you who were reading but the whole 8 to 10 of you, add one more and we have got ourselves a football team. Times changed, priority changed, circumstances changed and even the way circumcisions are done has also changed and so have I. I realised people around me changing and the good thing about this revelation is that I see everyone changing to better themselves, empowering themselves and realising what a fuck nut they had been and what a fuck nut they had been hanging around with me. For the latter, I hope that they would remain that fuck nut that have helped me through so much and maybe at times, used my shoulder excessively to dry their tears, used me to vent their anger and the latest addition, hitting me when I look at her suggestively while laughing to herself. Girls are hard to fathom.

What happened of late? Just some updates. Kicked back some absinthe at an event and am pretty sure gonna be kicking back somemore tonight at the launch of the event. 68% of liver destroying alcohol level, sugar cube drenched with the sinful poison and then burned and consumed. 3 simple steps to meeting that little green fairy. If by then you do not see her, you repeat that 3 steps until you do... or pass out, which then you should try again when you awaken. Last Friday, after work, I proceeded to BOSTON@Solaris to attack the Tigers. You see, BOSTON has this promotion where the first bottle will set you back RM23 but the subsequent bottles will only costs 50 cents each. I had 10 and Werny Boy had a dozen. In all fairness, he was there earlier than me and so had a head start. Lasting only from 6 - 9 pm, we had about 4 more jugs after the promotion ended with Shel, Stephen (SPF) and Lola.

Just last Saturday, we were in Cafe Cafe to celebrate a friend's brithday and the food there was great with a beautiful ambience. Foie Gras there was one of the best I had in Malaysia. The price did drain my cash but I'm not trying to say that they are expensive, it's just that I ordered the expensive stuff. It was worth it though.

I will be in Krabi for a short holiday soon... sun, sea and beaches... ahhh. I wonder how much I will miss civilization. Hopefully I will be able to organise another rafting session again, this time with the girls. Well my friends, I guess that's about it.

Au Revoir.

p/s: During one event, there were actually 2 people who thought that I was gay... WHAT??

I have no idea how that came about and that was the first time they saw me. Oh well, just so you know, I am still with the same person, hard as it is to believe.



Anonymous faridz said...

someone thought you were gay, see..i wasnt lying when i/weng yau/pretty much everyone in our circle of friends called you one so you cant blame me or them! zzzzwahhhhhhhhh

10:59 PM  

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