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Friday, September 26, 2008

What women really wants?


This fucking age old question dates back to the time even before Christ or Buddha or whoever stepped foot on this soil of ours. You think that you can judge them based on the expressions on their faces or by the tone of their voice but let me tell you this, you may have stepped on a fucking land mine and not notice it. It's just impossible. They are so insidious that you will never know when you have fallen into a trap. That trap does not need to be well planned, they are born with this instinct, this gene in their DNA strand which is almost machiavellian, so effortless and subtle, it will be over before you even realise it. You may be so oblivious to it until you notice the awkward silence and the change of demeanor, only then you fully comprehend the situation that you are in. You have been ensnared and every other step you take will only make you fall deeper, very much like drowning in quicksand, only this time, its shit instead of sand.

There is little you can do except for trying to figure out what went wrong and when it all collapsed unto you, burying you alive in the pile of shit that you did not even know existed. That is the magic of women. They can make shit appear out of thin air, cover you with it and make you feel as if you brought it all upon yourself. Depending on personal character, some will fight to regain their innocence, some will concede defeat and some who used to fight will just stop giving two fucks and let the women get things their way. At the end of the day, you either win and she is pissed making you even more pissed, or you lose making her pissed and you even more pissed. Maybe that applies to me. I seldom feel guilt nor remorse nor guilt heavily laced with remorse with a sprinkle of 'I-truly-give-a-fuck'. As a matter of fact, I concede because I am tired of all the bullshit that has been going on and the drama which is even more dramatic than the scene in Armageddon where Liv Tyler was crying when the asteroid exploded with her kick-ass-Bruce-Willis-dad. I have come to be in a state of disregard when matters such as this arises. Why fight when at the end of the day, you end up having shits and nothing ever changes? Might as well save your breath for another cigarette. You are gonna die anyway so I'd rather choose the probable lung cancer over excessive blood vomiting and stroke followed by a seizure due to a chronic heart attack as a result of nonsensical-rubbish-filled debate over pointless matter.

People think that they can decipher what goes on in that complicated grey matter located directly inside the skull of those who carry the XX chromosome of which we passionately refer to as women. Guys who think that they are sensitive towards the needs of women knows what they want and their inner most desire. YOU ARE FUCKING WRONG. How do I know? I just do. I personally think that they have formed this secret society where they are all conniving to take over the fucking world and fuck with the minds of men. To all my brothers, good luck. Resistance is futile, and probably not worth the effort with all the tears and whining that you will get at the end of the day making you feel so damn irritated and hope to put a bullet through your head. You only pray that the shot is fatal because you would not want to be comatose and still be able to hear all the complaints. If that happens, hope that your ear bleeds you to death.

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