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The life of a regular guy, going through irregular changes, looking for simple pleasures in life. Funny how seldom you can put simple and pleasure together. Everyone needs to believe in a GOD and I believe I can fill your believe. To you, I shall be GOD.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Rendang Ayam

This post is actually a tribute to my friends in RendangAyam. I must admit that I have not visited the site in ages but I did today whilst working. Impressive and fun and it's great to see that you guys are getting along great. Just wish to commend you guys on the great posts and hope to see more soon. If you guys get to see this, just wish to tell you guys that I do, (not in a gay way) miss you guys.

p/s: That girl that faridz keeps on posting her pic, she is so so very do-able.

Purple please!

Mindshare Malaysia is going to hold a party tomorrow night to actually celebrate their glorious victory of being crowned office of the year, beating all the other mindshare companies from all over the world to emerge at the top. I am really looking forward to it as it would be my first time and first chance to actually know more people from this company. There is only one criteria to go to the party, not compulsory but just something that everyone is encouraged to do: wear something purple. SIGH... where oh where am I going to find time to go get myself a fucking purple shirt.

Enough about work already... I have too much to do and too little time but I guess that I am directly contradicting myself by writing my blog at this time. Well, beats work anytime, so I guess I can spend half an hour here and on MSN. Second thought, I think I will just laze around until lunch time. Third thought, better not fuck up my job. Sigh... I need something purple to wear.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Running out of time

It has been three days already and my nose is still acting like a leaking pipe. I think that sometimes I just never learn. I was walking in the rain a lot lately, not on purpose but just that I always somehow manage forget to bring my umbrella along to my office. Here I am, eyes sore, nose runny and throat dry, trying to do something called ADEX R&F. Don't bother asking me what it stands for because i seriously don't know. All I know is that it is post buy work for Advertisements.

I have been keeping track of the date lately, mainly due to the fact that I know that 'she' is going off soon. There are times when you are stuck in a situation where you wish so hard that you could influence someone to change their mind but you can never, firstly because you are in no position to do so and secondly, because you would be selfish. All I can do now is just to try to spend as much time as possible with her and making her feel that there is indeed something back here worth returning for. I do not know how she feels but the most that I can do now is to only try.

On a lighter note, the anticipation that I had for Harry Porter and the Goblet of Fire resulted in disappointment. The graphics and effects were great and in this instalment, Harry, Ron and Hermione has a wider range of expression of emotions and they are growing to be quite good of a bunch of actors but the story line was not as captivating as I hoped it would be. The inclusion of Pegasus, Mermaids and the return of Lord Voldemort brings so much more colour into the story. I actually paid 35 bucks to watch the movie in the Gold Class cinema, 42 bucks if you include the popcorn and the Coke. All in all, the movie was alright and I would gladly pay 35 bucks for this movie if I had to choose one out of all the shows that has been screened throughout this year. I remember once asking a friend as to which super hero's power he would like to have if he could. I chose superman due to the fact that he is the complete superhero, strength, speed, ability to freeze and melt things and the x-ray vision is a bonus. He chose Bruce. As in Bruce Almighty, meaning that he possess the power of GOD. Fucking wanker. If asked about the item that I would love to have from the Harry Potter movie, I would choose the cloak of Invisibility. Just for the fun of it.

Reached home about 1 yesterday night after the movie, took my shower and lay my self on the bed and stayed wide awake until after 3. I have no idea as to what was keeping me awake but one thing's for sure, that two hours of extra precious sleep that I should have got would prove to be very much useful now. Here I am, sitting at my workstation eyes half shut. I think I would just pop out for some refreshments to perk myself up. Maybe a ExtraStrongDoubleMochaChocoLatteWithTripleShotsOfEspresso AndADashOfMilkWithNoFoamAndTwoBrownSugar would do the trick just fine. The friend of mine (who said that he wanted to be Bruce Almighty) is into extreme stunts lately and he is going to confess his feelings to a girl later. Best of luck to him and may he be victorious. I just want him to know that there is a shoulder here for him to cry on should he not do well. (Touch wood). Remember, if all else fails, use the 3 magical word.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Popped the cherry

On my first day at work, there's already an event waiting for me to attend and since this is the first event for the people in this industry that I went to, I popped the cherry on day 1. Hip hip Hooray... Nothing to shout about really. I just realised that parties and launching of new products or events are just excuses for people to get drunk and create business opportunities for the organisers when their potential customers gets themselves carried with the free flow or boozes. Went with a friend called "Wern Shen" (Name changed to protect the privacy of the individual) and got ourselves some drinks. The finger food did not help as both of us went on an empty stomach. Saw my ex-colleague and also my ex-CEO and they seemed surprised to see me. HAHAHA, since I am now in the proccess of becoming a planner, they would have to suck up to me in the future. Anyways, it has been good so far and hope that things will still be smooth flowing as time pass. Til' later.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The sun has risen

Middle of the month but this actually marks a new beginning for me, a new chapter in my life so to speak. Got the rest that I needed and all the motivation to start me off with of course the help of San Fransisco Coffee's freshly brewed Irish Cream Latte, so alluring and hot that it burnt a hole right through my wallet. The feeling was great that I finally get to have a dose of the daily traffic congestion. In a weird state of mind, I missed it. I missed working, the satisfaction of getting something done and know that I am not wasting my life, sleeping through to noon every day and staying up until at least 3am in the wee hours of the morning. For the first time, I actually have a sense of belonging in an office. Initial thought got me thinking that there would be music to make everyone motivated but I guess that peace and serenity has its advantages as well. I am actually doing this at my workstation now as I have nothing much to do. No, actually I have lots to do but it's just that my computer and the programmes are not properly set up yet and so I guess I could spare a few minutes to share my feelings on my first day of work. Tried to warm up to everyone but everyone seems a little defensive. I blame my good looks. Til later, take care.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Trip to a place called Singapore

It has been 22 years since I last came to Singapore. Yup, this is my first trip and it was all good. Stayed with a friend at her place which boast the spaciousness of 12 feet by 12 feet room with two single beds, a wardrobe, a study table and loads of stuff and therefore leaving virtually no walking space. You can't even sit two guys on the floor. THe best experience was the toilet. Any fatter, I can't even take my shower in there. The toilet is around 3 feet by 8 feet max with a toilet bowl, basin and shower. It was painful just to take a shower. My first meal was something that they do not have back in Malaysia called the McSpicy Double. Had that for breakkie today as well and finally for dinner, got some decent curry laksa, or so I thought. It must have been the raw cockles better known as siham and that almost instantly sent shockwaces to my stomach, then to my bowels... then the expected took place, I bombed the toilet in one of the hotels that my friend was staying in called the Meritus Mandarin. It was bad... it was really bad. Today was really idiotic as me and my friend acted as if we were Americans born Chinese. We went to different shops and left saying, " You know, back in L.A. we could get this for a much cheaper price." This happened throughout the day and when we stopped at Starbucks, I did the same thing and thanks to our TV stations which has loads and loads of US series and shows, my accent was quite accurate, and the waitress started speaking in funky english as well. "Here's your macchiato sir." Trip to Singapore was not as bad as I thought that it would be, all in all a good experience. Oh ya, went clubbing on the first night as well and five of us killed six jugs of Long Island Tea... make that strong Long Island Tea. The guys had a tequila shot each and also a breezer where the two ladies had vodka and another drink before all of us decided to whack the 'tea'. Well, now here I am in my friend's room listening to Jay Chou and sharing my experiences of my first trip to our neighbouring country. Till the next time, this is me signing off from Singapore.