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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Popped the cherry

On my first day at work, there's already an event waiting for me to attend and since this is the first event for the people in this industry that I went to, I popped the cherry on day 1. Hip hip Hooray... Nothing to shout about really. I just realised that parties and launching of new products or events are just excuses for people to get drunk and create business opportunities for the organisers when their potential customers gets themselves carried with the free flow or boozes. Went with a friend called "Wern Shen" (Name changed to protect the privacy of the individual) and got ourselves some drinks. The finger food did not help as both of us went on an empty stomach. Saw my ex-colleague and also my ex-CEO and they seemed surprised to see me. HAHAHA, since I am now in the proccess of becoming a planner, they would have to suck up to me in the future. Anyways, it has been good so far and hope that things will still be smooth flowing as time pass. Til' later.


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