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Friday, October 14, 2005

Da Good, Da Bad and Da Smelly ( Da tasty for some)

Come November 1st and my life will take a turn, swerving away from my designation as an advertising sales executive to work in an ad agency. Maxus is its name, under the umbrella of Group M where mindshare, mediaedge:cia, etc are. The last weekend that I had really brought back fond memories. Sisters, one who is starting up her own beauty salon and another studying in Singapore came down to visit and it really was great. Became a chauffer for two days, watched how insane women can be when they shop, got drunk and got fucked for being too unconscious to provide the right directions back home (someone else was driving). All in all, it was good. Monday brought me to believe that the rest of the week was gonna be another great one, reason being, I was offered the job at Maxus. Not all well ends well. Anyways, this week was hectic for me, running up and down, meeting clients here and there and just this week I have actually filled my petrol tank twice. That’s a hundred and twenty fucking bucks. Sigh, I miss the days when I could take my mum’s card, swipe, wait for approval, swipe the bonuslink card and then pump.

There is something that I would actually love to share. I finally understand how it feels to be alone and I mean literally alone where you are disconnected from everyone. I was at Times Square getting my phone fixed and had to wait for an hour and a half so I thought, why not catch a movie. Bought a 6 dollar ticket to The Myth, got a Coke, took a leak and headed off to cinema 3, sat in the middle seat of the middle row, alone, encompassed by darkness and surrounded by sounds of grunts and groans from mutants from the preview of DOOM. It was scary due to the fact that I was all alone; the cinema never seemed so big before. It was spacious but it felt lonely. It felt cold. A thought crossed my mind… this would be a great place to get phunky with a partner but it wouldn’t be appropriate to get phunky alone in the cinema. Watching a movie alone and no mobile phone to use, how much emptier can a 22 year old get? The movie was not bad but it could be much better if I did not have to pee so badly (stupid Coke).

Yesterday night, I patronized the pasar malam. Its amazing how nice those cakes now look. Everything there looked great, the curry fishballs, the chicken cheese sausage, fried dumpling but the thing that caught my attention was the smell that whiffed pass me when I was happily walking. I recognized that smell. It was non other than the pungent stink of the infamous ‘Chow Tou Foo’ (not a person’s name to those who do not know). It is actually fermented beancurd that is deep fried and smells like the drains in KL. There was quite a long queue for it and until now, I do not understand how people can come to accept this ‘delicacy’. When I was in China last year, being adventurous, my bro, my cousin a friend and I bought a piece each to try. It would be tasty to those who has a flair for the taste of chicken shit. It sure does smell like it and the taste, its enough to make me wanna puke. I spat it out, so did my brother, my cousin reluctantly swallowed it and my friend said that it was quite ok. Like my friend always says, “It’s up to personal preference.”

New life demands for new lease of life. Hope that things will work out fine. Need to get some shut eye now.


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