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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tears from Heaven

The rain is pouring. Another day passed and I am dead tired. Working is starting to get more enjoyable now as I get to go out and meet people. Everything in life, there are pros and cons, be it personal life or corporate. I have to go out and meet up with potential clients for the next few days but maybe these manufacturers have a thing for setting up their factories so damn far. Tomorrow would be Batu Tiga, then to Klang, then one in Balakong. They are spread out to three separate days so don’t cry for me just yet. Enough about work. Work should be left where it is once I walk out of Megan Avenue II.
I realize that there is something miraculous about what we all take for granted. Rain. Do you realize how rain will make us stop or just slow down to marvel at its magnificence? Its beauty and how it prides itself for bringing joy for so many captures our conscious mind, wraps us in its song and makes us forget about all the pain that we feel. That is exactly what the droplets of pure, untouched, virgin essence of moisture does for us. So how does it do what it does? How does rain makes us stop and fully absorb its captivating presence? Two words. Traffic jams. How the hell in the world can people slow down so bloody much just because of a little drizzle? Are they really that afraid that the brakes don’t work that well? Or is the visibility really reduced by so damn bloody much? God. The distance that I can cover in five minutes takes me almost an hour to do so when it’s raining. My leg is numb but at least I am glad that I have an auto car. Time is precious for me now. I need to get home, eat, take my shower and source for new potential clients (everything not necessarily done in this order). I really wish to be a columnist. It seems like so much fun. I get to do the things I like to do, writing and meeting people minus the ridiculous distance that I am required to travel in my current job. I think that I should feel content for what I have. Nothing is perfect, not for me anyway. There are so many things that I did not do when it was within my control and now I guess that there is no use crying over spilt milk. All I can do is to hopefully soak up as much of the spilt milk as I can and return it into the bottle. And finally hope that the rain will make way for the starlit night sky again.


Blogger wernshen said...

whatever field you are in, there are the pros and cons. i wont deny im enjoying my new job, but i stay in office till 8 almost everyday - but by choice. and dont think that non sales/marketing jobs dont need u to travel. think back about when i used to work in you know where. :) its all good man.

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