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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

funny interview

Set my alarm at 8.30 this morning, hoping to wake up early, give a morning call, take a shower and get ready for my interview. It must have been one of my most interesting one. Let me share the experience.

Receptionist: Mr. Charles, please proceed to the second room on the right.
Me: Thanks.
(Enters room)
Me: Hi! Good afternoon, I'm Charles. How are you doing?
Interviewer: I'm fine. Have a seat.
(Shakes hand, pull out chair and took a seat)
(Talks about my experience in Australia and my previous job)
(Interviewer looks very cocky, arms folded, leaned back and facial expression as if someone took a 12 inch brinjal and stuffed it up his arse)
Interviewer: So tell me Charles, what is the craziest thing that you have ever done?
Me: What? Hmmm, I have bungeed jump and also did white water rafting before.
Interviewer: Ohh, really? That's not that crazy. I have done bungee jump as well, but while riding a bicycle.
Me: Umm... Ok.
(I was getting frustrated since I was not in a good mood all along)
Interviewer: tell me about your greatest achievement.
Me: I beat a few million sperms to be born.
Interviewer: Oh, very smart.
Me: Yeah, I am.
Interviewer: You are a smart alec huh?
Me: Yup.
Interviewer: I see that you are brave.
Me: I have a lot of guts.
Interviewer: Now tell me the stupidest thing that you have done.
Me: Ok, sitting here and let you bombard me with these questions.
Interviewer: (pissed) We have a training session next week, we weill give you a call.
Me: Yeah sure. Thanks. Bye.

Well, I think that I won't be receiving a call from them but I think that sometimes, people tend to think that they are far more superior because they tend to be the one who decides as to whether you make it or not. Even if they are not in charge of deciding, they do play a big role in it. I think that those people who misuse their authority should be shot and fed to the most undeserving dogs which has far too much rubbish to scavage. Sigh... I have been having a bad day, a bad week maybe. Just hope that everything would be fine soon.

There are some friends whom you think is close to you and although you never really keep in contact much, you still make the effort once in a while to call him out for lunch. What if you find out one day that he thinks of you as someone not that close but always told you that you are one of his best friend? Feels like shit don't you reckon? Sigh. It just hits you hard in the face.
Someone who calls you bro... the very sound of it makes you wanna throw up.

I left off with my friend yesterday night for a drink, a game of snooker, another round of mamak, then one game in the cyber cafe, and today, I will be continuing my post. Today may be the worse day of everything that I have bitched and whined about. Everything that I have done has come to a halt, not necessarily a dead end... but a halt. I think that it may be a good thing because I get some room to clear my head of all those rubbish that has been clouding my judgment, also to give the other party some air to breathe. I actually feel more relaxed. Weird, I should be afraid but I am not. I feel like I needed this. I need to rejuvenate, to re-evaluate and reprive my role as a son, a friend and also, as someone who cares and feel for an individual. I really feel like I have been pushing her to the edge and honestly, it feels like shit. Sigh... how inconsiderate, insensitive and un-charles-ish. Sometimes doing more than necessary in unnecessary but who decides as to how far necessary is? Human beings have been created to be too complex. They are afraid, sad, happy, doubtful and worry about something that may turn out to be nothing at all. But maybe that is just the defense mechanism that we get through evolution from our stone age ancestors. Development and advancement does come at a price and we seem more than willing to pay. I have a friend who is going through something similar like me and I am glad that there is someone who acts more like an asshole compared to me. Now I know that I am not the number one jerk in this situation. Haha. Special thanks is in due for those special few who lifted my spirit just by being my company. Thanks and appreciate it.


Blogger raz said...

you are one gila bugger...did u really said that in the interview?

2:25 PM  
Blogger faridz7 said...

as promised, i checked it out the instant i reached home. hahahahahhahahah nice interview, but why so kerek to the interviewer?? guess you didnt want the job as much huh

2:37 AM  
Anonymous Samantha said...

Interviewer: tell me about your greatest achievement.
Me: I beat a few million sperms to be born.

the funniest one.(cant stop laughin)

Interviewer: Now tell me the stupidest thing that you have done.
Me: Ok, sitting here and let you bombard me with these questions.

daring answer! :D

4:43 PM  

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