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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Bounce Back

There is this particularly funny feeling that one will get when you encounter a situation where, when you think that you are at the lowest, something just happens and lifts you up. This kind of feeling has enormous power to make you feel the extreme pleasure of finally suceeding. Its like swimming in the medley relay. You are leading by so much that the champagne is already in the proccess of being chilled. You being the last swimmer of four, witness your third swimmer suddenly struck by epilepsy and start to struggle and everyone else overtakes. You feel the world tumbling down and everything seems dark. The bannner of "Congratulations on being the Champs again!" has been changed to "First from the bottom is still First!". All of a sudden, you see all the remaining teams' last swimmers all got struck by stroke and struck by heart attack and struck by falling toilet seats from the plane above and so on and so forth. You light up, dive, swim, overtake the drowning bodies and get the medal. Victory will not be glorious or smooth flowing but winning is winning.

Having four hours of sleep is not doing any good for my complexion. Dryness of skin, blemishes and shits like that.... I think I need SKII miracle water, something like what soccer players use when they are injured. Apply a little and you see them running again. Getting so little sleep does have its shits but if you get more in return, then who cares.

Few days ago, I had my hair cut in Times Square. Let me give you the details of the whole proccess. It was already almost 8 when I was there. The lady there asked me to take off my glasses so that she could wash my hair, alright why not, it was in the package anyway. After towel drying my hair, a lady said that she would be the one who will be giving me new look. Being extremely short sighted, I did not get a good view of her. We were chatting and talking about anything and she told me she was 36.... WOW!!! 36 and she still looks radiant and young.... out of the blue and all of a sudden she said.." You know, people like us who went through sex change...." I was stunned but kept my composure. That was my first encounter with a transvestite...better known as Ah Kua. I am not homophobic but getting my hair harrassed by him/her is rather uncomfortable... she has really soft and smooth hands. YUCKS! Anyone interested, gimme a call and I will try to hook you up.

Initial D has been out for a good few days now but I still did not get the chance to watch it yet. Speaking of which, there is this friend of mine called Wern Shen, I introduced him to the world of mountain pass racing arcade called Initial D and he could never get near me... that was until this year when he showed me that he did practice, and he practiced well. Our level are of not the same level anymore... he is a level above now. Enough of that, I don't like to get beaten.

Alright, I think that's all for now.... will be posting soon.


Anonymous Wern Shen said...

dont be so bitter...... come we go play initial d tonite... i give u 500 meters head start

8:14 PM  

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