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Thursday, July 07, 2005

a post past due

So many things happened in the past week up until yesterday and there was supposed to be a post before this but GODDAMN streamyx that the line got disconnected when I just clicked on the publish button and they sent me to an error page, refreshing it later, everything was gone. I was somehow glad that the post did not get through as for a few reasons:

1) Parental Advisory would be needed as it would be rated 18 SX, SG....etc.
2) It would hurt many people for the stupid reasons that I would want to vent my anger.
3) True friends would be insulted.
4) The idea of honesty and truthfulness in friendships being a superstition or dogma would be viewed as taboo by many.

For some apparrent reasons, I failed to get a good night sleep for a few nights. Sigh. No use to continue whining and bitching about this shit. Like what my friend always say, "Be a man, Dp the right thing"

Really have no mood to continue this shit... will post again once I feel better, soon I hope.


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