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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

word of care

This is actually the second post that I am writing tonight. Somehow something happened and I got disconnected and when I reconnected and tried to publish the post, I was sent to an error page and when I returned to the previous page, everything was bloody gone. It alright, it’s a good thing that throughout the night I have been listening to ballads. And that’s not gay.

Ever wonder how the slightest gesture to show you care would just make someone light up and feel alive again? This afternoon, while I was waiting outside my car, a lady in her early twenties came to me and mumbled something while staring at her hand, totally ignoring the fact that she could possibly be talking to a good looking guy. I am not saying that I am good looking but on a scale of 1 to 10, a friend of mine rated me 5. I rated myself 11. Before I had a chance to say anything, she said thanks and turned away. I tapped her shoulder and asked her what it was she wanted to say and she looked at me, surprised, either because I look too dashing or just because I even bothered asking. She told me she’s from Seremban and hopes to collect funds for this hospital and started showing me pictures of her with nurses, with patients, with doctors. She showed me a list and I saw a few names and the amount donated was RM15. I asked her why it was mostly 15 bucks and she told me that they are actually selling those decorations stuff for 15 bucks and so I made a contribution. I witnessed the difference that I made her feel right there and then. She came to me expecting me to brush her off and so she walked away but because I took the time and effort to ask, she left feeling surprised and happy. I can guess that she has been rejected numerous times and that is why she is feeling so down and dejected. I somehow understood how she felt and I pitied her. I admit that I do not really trust in these kinds of things as I have always thought of them as a hoax to con good Samaritans like me. I know that my contribution would not make a mountain of a difference but I know that it has light up the spirit of that person.

Someone told me something that I do not believe that I have heard before, at least not that I can remember. She told me that I was boring. That statement greeted me like a stranger waving at me saying hello in the middle of a busy street, making me confused, unsure but forced to acknowledge. I tried very hard to comprehend the new tag that was pinned onto my back. I have always been very talkative but what happened? I finally realized that the answer was just an easy equation. I have told her that her smile was infectious but it just seems like it was more than her smile that determine how I felt. Seeing her sad and down and worn out just made me feel like there was nothing I could do to help and that made me feel like there was nothing I could do. That kind of feeling affected my mood in a way where I felt unhappy and therefore kept silent and thus the tag: boring. The cure? The cure is to see her cheer up and that somehow put a smile on my face. It is funny how you can’t be in control of your own emotions but others that matters can.

You and I have the power and ability to determine how a person feels be it your family, your special someone, your friends or even a girl that is trying to raise funds for a hospital. Some people are blessed with the ability to say the right things at the right time and at the right place. Some are gifted with the skills to manipulate words so that everything that comes out from them sounds as if they have been dipped in honey. There are those who are dead direct and give it to your face, the type who does not beat around the bush. Last but not least, there are also those who says things to make you feel bad, to aggravate you, to provoke you, to tease you, summary, to make you feel lower than you are. These people are categorized into two sub-categories. Those who really mean what they say just to hurt you are called: assholes. Those who say those kind of things just in the name of fun and means no harm, I label them as “Yiu Sam Yiu Fai”. This “Yiu Sam Yiu Fai” species will say things to make you feel so “kek sam” (aggravated) that you would feel like vomiting blood. I have had direct confrontation with this kind and just because I do not want to repaint anywhere with my blood, I practiced an ability called tolerance. The good thing about this species is that when they do finally say something nice and sweet to you, you know that it means so much that you would be carrying that feeling for a long time. You know that you have done something right to deserve it.

This does not mean that everyone should evolve themselves to become the Yiu Sam Yiu Fai species just to make the praises more meaningful. Words of encouragement, kindness and love will be appreciated no matter where and when. Furthermore, its good karma and what goes around comes around.


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