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Friday, September 23, 2005

Uno Duos Tres

Happy Uno
Today could have been perfect. It could have. My morning started with an appointment with a media agency called Mind Share as they handle the accounts of Maxis. Met up with an individual, lets just call him “Terry” (That’s his real name; I don’t even know why I am doing this nonsense). Terry is in charge of Maxis, a telecommunication company that has 6.6 million customers. Not too shabby since they own about 70% of the market share. Anyways, we started talking and all the idea that I pushed to him, he did not succumb to my persuasive persuasions. Tried to sell him the concept to advertise to promote Blackberri. Apparently, due to the emergence of a particular technology called 3G, Blackberri is actually becoming obsolete. God damn 3G. Strike one. Second concept, promoting the use of mass SMS. This is where I told Terry that hypermarkets, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes… could actually use this service to inform their customers and potential customers about the promotions that they are having. Maxis would prefer to deal with this idea using a more straight forward method and maybe one of the most traditional way of marketing; face to face dealings. Shit, why is he throwing so many objections at me? Strike two. Third and possibly my last step. “Terry, advertising whether we like it or not, besides promoting a new idea, concept or product, it’s main purpose is for branding and imaging. Although Maxis no doubt is a big player, Maxis cannot overlook the importance of a continuous campaign that will tell everyone that Maxis is the leader, the alpha male, the dominant one.” And dear Terry said, “Tell me Charles, who does not know what 012 is?” As you would have guessed, strike three.
“Terry, I have a way that could make all the users of this guide to see your logo every time they make a reference on this guide; take the bookmark. The first page that they will turn to will be where the book mark is and the first thing that they will see is actually Maxis. The bookmark cannot be removed and so rest assured that it would be there as long as the directory is there.” “Ok, give me a good price and I will put it through to MAXIS.” *KACHING*…. Fucking jackpot. (At least there is hope)

Happy Duos
“Charles, have you ever considered working in a media agency?” (Why does it seem like I have heard this before?) “Yes of course, I have a passion for advertising now that I have seen the process and what you guys do. I know that I do not come from an advertising background but the passion is developing and I really look forward for a chance to work as a media planner.” “Let me make a call. My Maxis department is full, I will ask my colleague if he needs fresh blood, he deals with the Astro account.” (They have Nestle as well and therefore they are the biggest advertising agency in terms of budgets in Malaysia) “Hello Rahul, …….yadda yadda……..yadda yadda…… ok…. yup…..bye.” I did not really pay attention to his conversation as I was trying to hide my joy as I do not feel wanted very often and so every time that I do have the chance to have that feeling… oh so sweet, savour the moment. Terry then asked me if my company screens my e-mails, I said no and he said that he will send my particulars to his colleague and then he would call me and we would chat over a cup of coffee. Sometimes it is hard for us to choose, should I take the Mocha Chocolatta Frappucinno or a strong latte with four shots of espresso? Choices, choices.

Unhappy Tres
It is only natural for everyone to love a happy ending. I am close enough to smell the commission for the Maxis $22,000 deal. I got another job offer from an advertising agency. (Both are great advertising agencies… one of the best of the best, maybe not the best but one of them). A person dear to me asked me if I would be interested to go to a gathering that consists of different members from different industries. It’s good for me to know more people who could possibly be future clients, associates, etc, so why not? Out of kindness, I asked my director if he would be interested to go and have a look, he very politely declined and as I was walking away and he walking to the exit, he asked me about the Maxis meeting. I told him all the details and then he said that I should drop the account as he knows the marketing head in Maxis and it would be easier to deal directly with her. FUCK YOU… I worked so hard, making so many calls and finally getting an appointment with a big client, doing research to find ways to sell the product to him, and when everything is almost finalized, you take it all away from my hands?

“How dare you try to take what you didn’t help me to get,
Fucking bitch I hope you fucking burn in hell for this shit.”

Cleaning out my closet.

The line just popped up in my head but how appropriate the way it fits in to the scenario. I hope I get the new job fast and so I could throw him the letter but before that, I would fight for what is mine and the account belongs to me. He did teach me a lot of things and for that I am grateful and respect him. Maybe he really wants to close the deal quicker but he really has to know that I spent nights awake to do my research. He helped me grow in terms of confidence and the way I present myself (in front of clients anyway) and maybe that’s the reason why I got some new job opportunities.

I really need to get some rest. I just had two bottles of SKOL and my eyes are already failing me. What’s happening to my immunity against alcohol? I am so tired. After work and late nights, I had to go for my Japanese language class today. Tomorrow would be my mandarin class. I always wonder why I was so eager to experience working life when I was in school. Maybe it’s the gratifying feeling you get when you know that you are more independent, that you spend what you earn, the satisfying feeling when you close a deal no matter how small. You feel victorious because you somehow managed to influence someone else to heed what you say. Oyasuminasai tomodachi, Jya matta.


Blogger wernshen said...

savour the "joy" you get from the idea of being a media planner. its not all fun and games in the end. oh... how i would enjoy going to events under your account. the look of you forced to suck up to writers like me.. mm mm ... priceless :)

1:41 AM  
Blogger Charles said...

Is that how you would treat me... how you would treat a friend? You know what... I don't even wanna know the answer.

2:03 PM  
Blogger faridz7 said...

charles..you do know that if your employers read this blog and you were bad mouthing them, although you didnt exactly tell the name of the company...that can fire your fat ass you know? never read what happened in america?

3:11 PM  

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