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Friday, November 11, 2005

Trip to a place called Singapore

It has been 22 years since I last came to Singapore. Yup, this is my first trip and it was all good. Stayed with a friend at her place which boast the spaciousness of 12 feet by 12 feet room with two single beds, a wardrobe, a study table and loads of stuff and therefore leaving virtually no walking space. You can't even sit two guys on the floor. THe best experience was the toilet. Any fatter, I can't even take my shower in there. The toilet is around 3 feet by 8 feet max with a toilet bowl, basin and shower. It was painful just to take a shower. My first meal was something that they do not have back in Malaysia called the McSpicy Double. Had that for breakkie today as well and finally for dinner, got some decent curry laksa, or so I thought. It must have been the raw cockles better known as siham and that almost instantly sent shockwaces to my stomach, then to my bowels... then the expected took place, I bombed the toilet in one of the hotels that my friend was staying in called the Meritus Mandarin. It was bad... it was really bad. Today was really idiotic as me and my friend acted as if we were Americans born Chinese. We went to different shops and left saying, " You know, back in L.A. we could get this for a much cheaper price." This happened throughout the day and when we stopped at Starbucks, I did the same thing and thanks to our TV stations which has loads and loads of US series and shows, my accent was quite accurate, and the waitress started speaking in funky english as well. "Here's your macchiato sir." Trip to Singapore was not as bad as I thought that it would be, all in all a good experience. Oh ya, went clubbing on the first night as well and five of us killed six jugs of Long Island Tea... make that strong Long Island Tea. The guys had a tequila shot each and also a breezer where the two ladies had vodka and another drink before all of us decided to whack the 'tea'. Well, now here I am in my friend's room listening to Jay Chou and sharing my experiences of my first trip to our neighbouring country. Till the next time, this is me signing off from Singapore.


Blogger wernshen said...

um chik um chik
ja ja ja jimijai jimijaijai
sg was the rawks yo
unf unf unf
btw.. we can get it cheaper back in LA

2:02 AM  

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