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Monday, June 30, 2008

Just a short (hopefully) update about myself

It's been sometime since I have blogged about anything. I guess that I have gotten bored of blogging as it is a platform that I have created with my own two hands for people to bombard me and label me many terms that I find very offensive. Reason one, they do not understand why I am doing what I am doing. Reason two, they could be jealous of where I am right now. Reason three, they are just assholes with no life and thus succumb to meddle with the happenings of others. I have been attending many events lately from media events to club launchings to launching of fashion labels and et cetera. It does take it's toll but one thing good about event would have to be the free flow (in this case, alcohol) and of course the chance to do some networking. Events would be aplenty this time around and I have only made it a point to attend events if there are people that I would like to meet or if I feel like drinking, which, sadly for my kidney, happens to be very often. I have blogged before about me getting acquainted with some Malaysian models and actors and I did have a few hang-out session with them. I bump into them from time to time at events and launches and so dropping by to say hi, have a few chat, tap on the shoulder pat on the back would be very customary but I have been labeled not only as a groupie and a celebrity-wannabe but as a gay. This is definitely new. New and kind of offensive. Do not be mistaken, I am not homophobic in any way but just the fact that I am hanging out with certain people will make me gay, that kind of judgment is definitely out of line and very pathetic.

Recently had an outing with the people from TimeOut KL and some friends from Nike, Hilton, Haaper's Baazar and also Malay Mail. We went and got re-acquainted with nature in our adrenaline fueled white water rafting expedition. I remember sleeping at 3am the night prior to the outing and woke up at 5.30am as we were supposed to meet at Burger King in Hartamas at 7. I reached 15 minutes before time and the sky was dark and so I strolled to the 7-11 there and got myself some coffee and then only I realised that I left my phone at home. I panicked and I realised how dependent we are on technology. Back to the story, we took off in 3 cars and started out journey to Kuala Kubu Baru and the trip was just so fucking awesome. Richard, the editor a.k.a Boss of TimeOut crew was driving in front, leading us and he was a maniac on the road. Sudden switch of lanes and overtaking on single lane traffic. The whole experience would be better if the water level was a little higher but all in all, a very good trip.

Then there was the Newman event and as always, it is always great. If you guys remember, I actually blogged about the event last year. Last year's event was held in the open area in front of Cineleisure and Laundry Bar. This year however, they chose to conduct it in Bar Savahn Too in Mont Kiara. The one thing similar would definitely be this dude who's the emcee for the past two years.

Yup, that's Wern Shen there. Last year he was in his own suit and this year he was wearing someone else's suit. Someone called Ted Baker, think it's his friend or something. That night was overflowing with Guinness and I had myself 15 odd glasses and just one glass of Martell. I won an ESPRIT watch worth RM660 in the lucky draw contest and the whole night was just great. I did what I did last year. I threw Underwear at people from the stage and have them jump up in the air for it. It was bloody great. This year was a little different though as I asked some friends to join me on stage to throw the undies.

Will Quah, Kenny Sia and Alan Yun was on stage with me. Peter Davis, Justin Chan (Hoong Fai from Cempaka a.k.a Wei Yu's brother), Adrian Loh and Kit Mah was also there on the balcony throwing some undies. Daniel Tan was supposed to join us but he could not make it at the very last minute. Joey G had to leave early and so missing out on the fun. Kenny was a load of fun. That dude unwrapped one piece and wore it outside and took another unwrapped piece and stuffed it into his pants. That was the very last piece of underwear thrown into the crowd for the first session and everyone was screaming for it.

Just last week, we were at the launching of Ministry of Sound in Sunway Hotel. I did not really fancy the whole concept but it was fun meeting up with so many familiar faces. Oh well, there are many more events but I will abruptly end the post here as I have got work to do. Alright then, until the next time I blog, ciao.


Monday, June 09, 2008

The Angel of Death

I can still vividly remember the voice that woke me up in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Mother was knocking on my door, telling me that it was raining and that I should keep all the electrical appliances off the ground. My only reply was that I have shut all the windows and dozed off again. Within my consciousness and sleep, I felt a presence in my room. It felt colder than usual and I knew that there was something amiss. I did not dare to open my eyes wide to see who, or what was lurking in my room but I had to know. I had to know what was causing me to lose sleep and tremble. I have had a really tiring night as a few friends and I partied from about 8 until 3am that morning. Sleep to me was crucial but my eyes would not shut. Something inside me told me that my life was about to change. I could only manage a peek through the crevice of my blanket and there it stood. It was the darkest being that I have ever laid eyes on. It was Death itself. I was afraid. The appearance of Death could only mean that a life would be taken. I was trembling and fear embraced me so tightly that I could hardly breathe. Then all went dark.

I woke up the next morning feeling fine and thought of the night before as nothing but a mere dream. I woke up with a puddle of water right in the middle of my room. I thought of it as strange. I brushed it off and went for my shower and breakfast. 2 hours passed since I woke up and I walked over to my phone to check for any calls that I have had missed. I fell on my knees. What I saw the night before was real. A life was taken. Nokia was dead. My N76 was dead. She was drenched in a pool of rain and no phone, no matter how strong, would survive that long submerged in water. I panicked and was heart broken. She was not even a year old. She was so young. Her demise brought me much grief and I guess this is where we say farewell.

Goodbye Dear N76

I knew that I had to get back on my feet and move on. She served me well while she did but I could not live without a phone. I walked around aimlessly for the whole day wondering how my life would be without this piece of technology and I realised that it was impossible for me to have to go through another day without this piece of equipment. Then, I did what any sane man would do. I got a new phone. It was not as sleek and sexy as my N76 but it was not supposed to be. I got a man this time. Dark, mysterious and touch screen technology equipped, he prides himself as being one of the best with a 5.0 megapixel camera and an ISO800 image stabilizer, holding a 2 gigabyte micro SD card from my N76, her spirit is instilled in him. His name is Viewty.

Welcome to the family Viewty

This is where a whole new chapter begins.

p/s: Since the visit of Death, IT not only took away my Nokia but also a lot of numbers. So please mail me your numbers k?

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