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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Let's Hug It Out, Bitch

I have finally shut her up. I have finally ended it. Her constant appearance in my life has granted me sleepless nights and making me feel agitated throughout but it all ended yesterday night. Only one slap. That one slap laced my palm with blood and it became quiet. She was motionless and somehow, I felt no guilt. I slept with ease. I slept knowing that my sleep will be peaceful for the rest of the night. I have killed. When will they learn that it unwise to cross me? After countless attempts to be a good guy, I was forced to do the unthinkable. I know that she is not alone and I will kill as many as it takes to make sure that I will no longer be disturbed. I have had enough. I am keeping a can of Shelltox in my room.

So now moving on with the next story. During my last post, I have said that I will talk more about the event and so I will. The event is organised by NEWMAN magazine to commemorate their 4th year anniversary or their 50th issue. The Undershop is one of the sponsor for their goodie bags and also their lucky draw. It all started in the midst of a saturday afternoon with temperature reaching above 30 degrees. It was hot. It was mind blowingly hot. It was almost a 12 hour party as it ended almost at midnight. I was there in the afternoon and I was there again by 8pm after heading to Darrell's place for a movie of The Hostel II and of course, coffee and air-conditioning as he is regarded as one of the most hospitable guy I have ever known... if you are in his house that is. Outside of his crib, he is just a regular asshole. My apologies, I meant no malice but it's true. We headed to the VIP area and got ourselves good seats thanks to Wern Shen who pulled some strings and smuggled us in before they even open their barricades to the public who is holding their VIP passes. It also helps that he is the emcee for the night and also a senior writer for the mag.

He was the emcee alongside Naomi, who is a DJ at RedFM. Wern Shen did a great job that night, managing to work up the crowd thus making my time on stage easier as the level of interaction between the attendees and the host was high. My slot was right after Camel Active's fashion show and a fashion show is only a fashion show. I opted for something more interactive. I opted for something different. I chose to be a FUCKING GENIUS. I had Q&A. I had crowd participation. I threw 150 pieces of underwear rolled up into a ball and shrink wrapped to the crowd. The reception? IT WAS FUCKING GREAT. I gave out 10 pieces of muscle tees from Skinxwear before throwing mortars of underwears at the crowd. I finally understood why Werny was enjoying himself so much. The feeling of being in the limelight for that brief moment was so great that I wanted it to last. I loved the attention. I loved the way everyone was shouting for me to throw things their way. They wanted my attention. They wanted me to notice their existence. I love that feeling.

All in all, the event was a great success. Not only was the crowd great, the venue was superb and the people who managed the whole event was awesome. Once again, I would like to thank everyone who came, be it before or after my stage time because by you being there, I know that I am in your heart somewhere. Thank you. Those who did not make it, I know that we are all busy but keep your calendar free for my next event.

Special thanks goes out to Wern Shen for his great help. His mentioning of The Undershop on radio is very very much appreciated and somehow made the throwing of the underwear the talk of the DJs for the session thus giving me so much mileage. Thanks to Melvin Chan, Art Director of NEWMAN for being always willing to help me out, be it print ads or be it everything else. Thank you for still helping me out after your barrage of whining and possible cursing behind my back and in my face. Last but not least Michelle, the person who services my account. She is exactly how every person who does account servicing should be. Courteous, helpful, always smiling and willing to take all the bullshits that I give her. Thank you guys.

Ok, now that I have got the 'tengkiu-ing' part out of the way, I have more important things to talk about. It's about life. Life seen through the eyes of mine. I say, let's forget the bad times and lets all embrace a new motto.

Until the next time, take care everyone.


Blogger Faridz said...

that naomi girl has gotten fat.

11:29 AM  
Blogger Shirleybebe said...

An ending brings a new beginning!

1:18 PM  
Blogger lyn said...

hey since you always sell dai fu you should start to branch out..

go to this website :

if you start bringing stuff in from them i will promise to love you FOREVER!!

10:04 PM  

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