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Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Secret

I have lost even before I start my battle.

I am currently reading a book titled The Secret and it basically says that you have such cosmic powers that everything will come true for you if you just 'ask for it, believe in it, and receive it'.
I am doubtful but trying it have made me a happier person. It made me smile a little bit more than I usually do. It encourages you to live in a world of make believe and that one day, all your imaginations and fantasies will spawn into your life, making it all real. All you have to do is believe in it. Think of it and believe in it. Sounds easy doesn't it? It's not. How do you imagine or believe something that you know is so impossible? It is indeed really fun to believe in. It is even fun to read as you feel that for everything that you want, there is a chance for you to have it. It's a little bit like religion, all you have to do is believe in it and maybe have a little faith and you go to heaven into the arms of God when you die.

I cannot give you an account on whether it does truly works or not. I am trying. To no avail.


Anonymous faridz said...

maybe it didnt work cause youve not finished reading the book.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous ryon kadena said...

but if it still don't work after like ten years then we're gonna get very very disappointed. worse still if something beyond expectation happens ....


5:05 PM  
Anonymous reagan's b said...

I saw that on TV! I believes it works well. No harm being a happier person. =)The "Law of Attraction" works best especially in situation where i'm looking for a parking space in an overcrowded place with limited parking space. keke~

11:25 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

I actualy tried it once in a One Utama as well. We all know how crowded the parking area can be and I made myself believe that there is one right outside the bowling place and I was dumbfounded that there was one... as if it was just waiting for me. Coincidence? Maybe.

9:49 AM  
Blogger ΅•º čħĸ åĸä ®ēåģăŇ© º•΅ ™ said...

sad to say my law of attraction never works... it did once... was waiting for a parking lot where i want it to be... then there came a couple walking towards my car and took out their keys... was overjoyed but when he press the alarm, their car was 2 cars behind me and damn it, another car was waiting adi... guess his law of attraction works better than mine...

11:01 AM  
Anonymous faridz said...

charles, i think thats just coincidence. seriously.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous hendrik said...

always thinking that while walking on the back street i'll see a bag filled with cash ... but never happened. guess that's because i never walk there much ...sigh

3:24 PM  

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