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Monday, April 16, 2007

Barley Part II

I did not freaking know that blogger had a limit as to how long the post could be... well the previous post covered day one and day two. That night we stayed at a hotel called Kuta Paradiso, apparently a 5 ***** hotel but it looks shoddy, it looks like a has been 5 star but the good thing is, it is located right at the heart of Kuta city.

Third day was a blast, we had so much fun that we did not wanna go home. It was such a great day with perfect weather and the wind was blowing through my long hair making it dance with the breeze. Then I woke up and realized that I was still on the bus towards our destination and my hair was short. Third day was indeed better than the previous days due to the fact that we went to Turtle Island and also to a place called Tanah Lot, and a scary place filled with monkeys roaming the grounds freely. Turtle Island, as you may have expected, is an island with turtles, in captivity of course and Tanah Lot is a place where you play hard to get.

Let me break it down for you. The trick to have a successful bargain is to fucking push the price unreasonably low and sometimes, you get the deal. I shopped around and they were selling those funny bracelets made from wood and such. They asked for Rp8,000 which costs approximately Rm3.20 so i offered her Rp6,000 which is equivalent to RM2.40 which I think is worth the money and so I took 3 of it, for Rp6,000. As I said, you have to push the price ridiculously low. I bought a pair of earrings which costs about Rp200,000+ but after a little bargaining, I got it for Rp7,000. Crazy? You got that right. Now, the place filled with monkeys, and I meant that literally, not as a metaphor to describe my colleagues, was a scary scary place because a monkey fucking bit me. Yes, it fucking bit me and if it wasn't because that the place was swarming with those unevolved primates, I would have already kicked it's ass back to where it belonged, probably Bali but the point is, I will kick it's ass. Pictures coming up.
It did not turn into a princess


My brother takes lousy photos

Kinda cooling to have a snake around your neck

Eighty cents coconut

Monkey place was next and it was scary. Lets just say that they bite and they attack.

I would have to continue some other time due to some problems with blogger. I am not able to upload those photos for the time being so I think it will have to wait. See ya and hold on for part III.


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