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Friday, March 02, 2007

Professor Charles

There comes a day when we all realise that we have a beast living inside us. It is just a matter of time before it surface and momentarily take over our conscious mind and make us act like how we would never normally do. Even my dream was laced with violence. In my dream, I had a fight, and that fight was with a friend, I do not clearly remember the cause but there was a fight. I woke up feeling like shit, thinking that it was impossible for me to pick a fight with a close friend of mine. I dare not promise that but as I said, I think it is impossible. I have been proven wrong and it was there I shall learn to control.
Every single one of us enjoy some form of violence. It's true. Violence make people excited, it makes people happy and it energizes. Some people enjoy watching wrestling where people inflict pain on each other and although it was all planned and maybe even choreographed, but the image that is being portrayed and sent out consists of nothing but violence. We all remember scenes and clips from America's Funniest Home-videos where there are kids swinging a baseball bat straight into the balls of their father and we found that amusing. In other words, we find pain amusing. It is nothing to be ashamed of actually. That is how we really are. We are violent creatures and that is why we are on top of the food chain.
In reality, our mind is segregated into three different categories which is the Id, Ego and Super-Ego. Id is the primal state of mind where there is no control over anything. Basic instinct, immediate response and reaction for a given situation, those all fall under Id. No restraints, no conscience involved. When you feel like you need to shit, Id tells you to shit. Then there is ego. Ego is the reality that is imposed on the Id. It takes into consideration many things such as other people's wants, needs and feelings. When you feel like you need to shit, your ego tells you that you need to take off your pants and not shit in it. Super-ego is the phase where ethics and morals and conscience and all those things come in. When you feel like you need to shit, your super-ego tells you to go to a toilet and shit and not make too loud a noise because that would be disturbing and cause distress to others.
The reason I explained all that is because, besides the fact that I can, I wish to point out that there are ways that we can block out ego and super-ego when the emotions becomes too overwhelming. When you get too angry and disstressed, your ego and super-ego will be turned off and you are left with your Id. What would your Id tell you to do when you are very angry?
I don't know what's my point of writing this entry but just felt like it.



Anonymous PunPunRider said...

i've told this story quite a number of times, but i guess it's quite relevant to your post here today.

i forced my girlfriend to watch quentin terantino's movie, the hostel, when she was in town recently. instead of getting her all nicely lubed up, i instead got a pool of vomit. real vomit. from her mouth. just because of the MASSIVE AMOUNT OF VIOLENCE AND GORE! MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! I WIN!!!

11:03 AM  

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