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Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Post With a Title

The first month of 2007 is coming to an end. January has always been the time where everyone will have set their goals and visions and have a list in their mind of what they wish to accomplish in this coming year, same goes for me. It was never easy for me to set goals for myself, be it for career, friendship, relationship and all the other factors that constantly play a part in moulding my life and make me who I will become. Each of us will set a guideline to follow, a guideline to lead us to where we want to be for the next coming year but very often, things do not turn out the way we initially plan it to be. There are too many external factors or unforeseen circumstances that will plague our way throughout the year and we will just come to the decision to just take things as they come and make the best out of it.

Throughout the 23 years that passed me by, I have learnt so much just by the company that I am with. Even in this blog itself, so many things revolving around my life have been documented, from my love life, to the failing of my love life, from friends getting married, to friends falling out, from celebrations to the mourning of my grandma's departure from us. I started this blog in 2005 and I don't even remember when the exact date was ( I know that I can check from the date of my first published post but I am lazy), and now, 2 years already passed me by. Maybe 1 year half because I remember that it was somewhen in June or July that I started writing. By comparison, many blogs have already become so damn famous but being a blog where only my friends will view, I am content that you guys still come and pay this blog a visit once in a while. This is where I share the happenings of my life, the ups and downs and the lefts and rights. This blog has opened myself to criticism and verbal bashing one too many times but at the end of the day, those are all words of advice from my friends, telling me to be a man, telling me not to be a whining bitch, telling me that my temper is like the goddess of mercy when she just woke up and found out that her magical water lily transport has been stolen, ( in short, it means that my temper sucks big time) ( Goddess of Mercy is a figure in Buddhism teaching who goes around helping people while staying afloat a gigantic water lily).

This post does not have a specific purpose but I just wish to thank everyone who has stayed with me through all these times. Be it through my blog or staying by my side. I thank you. And it is also one of my new resolutions to forgive and forget everything that has happened. Thank you once again.

Next post, my trip to Hong Kong. There is nothing special about it so lets just forget about that crap. Bye bye



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hoho... this New Years Sales happening in Australia is making my wallet dry... hohoho...

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