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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dear Diary

Dear Blog,

I would like to thank you for being a good listener. There is something else that I want to tell you and please pay attention. 2006 is coming to an end and this means that I will be turning 24 very soon and being 24 is close to being 25 which someone once told me is being in the mid-20s. I find this fact rather disturbing as I am growing older, I am not getting my priorities right. For example, I need to shit so badly now but I am wasting time pretending that I have something to type just to look productive... after all, it is a working Saturday.

Well, the time has come to make a decision but the thing is as I type, I could have easily walked to the toilet, unbutton my jeans and then start doing what I do best which is to crap. This, of course fits the context whether I meant it literally or metaphorically. I could very well be holding a cigarette in my hands and the shit hanging from my asshole right now but I choose to procrastinate. Why? I have no fucking idea. Maybe I enjoy the cold air-conditioning in the office which, to a certain point, torments me immensely as the colder I feel, the more my shit wants to break out from captivity.

Anyway, let me tell you guys a story that once made me laugh like an idiot. And don't ask me why I am doing this and why I feel the story is funny eventhough many heard it and looked at me with awe, thinking that I must be some kind of retard to even find the story remotely humourous. Maybe my sense of humour is failing me. Maybe it is just getting out of control. I need to shit so badly now. I am sorry I digressed. Moving on to my story...

Once upon a time, in a beautiful land called Maraysia, there lived many people in many houses. Some big, some small, some yellow, some blue, some round, some square. Then one day, the Prime Minister of the country scoffed at the previous Prime Minister, saying that he wasted so much money, bringing the country's reserve down. Maybe he was right. The ex-PM spent so much money building the twin towers which is only the tallest building in the whole of the entire of the modern day world during his reign. He also built a F1 track which is only a racing track where racers from many prestigious teams and different countries will come to race and thus making this land called Maraysia known to many. He invested a lot of money into SMEs (Small Medium Enterprise) which has no use except for creating more jobs thus incresing the spending power which in turn will generate a more rapid flow in the economy which will only create more demand for products which will then create more job opportunities which will again encourage more spending which basically means the economy will move and grow. The current Prime Minister of Maraysia has bigger visions. He is sending two people into space on board other people's rocket so that they can make teh tarik and play batu seremban there. That is what I call a worthy investment. He also planned to build a sports facility in the U.K so that the atheletes will get used to fighting for their country in cold weather which is such a noble idea. You never know, they might start having the Olympics or Commonwealth games or ASEAN games or whatever games during winter. It is always better to be prepared as we will then have the upper hand and advantage compared to countries which do not have sport facilities in countries with cold weather. Let's see how Pakistan will win Maraysia in hockey this time. The atheletes will then be the best in the world. Thinking of that makes me want to be a Maraysian. They do not have agendas regarding differences in races as none of the people in the Parliament are racists. In a place called Kerantan, religion plays an important role where people are not allowed to dress sexily and by sexily I mean no body hugging tops and tight jeans, pants or skirts which will eccentuate the shape of women's rear. No cleavage shall be shown and no tops revealing the navel. Talk about smart and innovative implementation of rules and creative introduction of legislations. Sorry, I digressed once again... now moving on to my joke:

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Because Sammi Veru built a highway eventhough the construction caused damages to the houses nearby and ignored the complaints made by the unreasonable residents of houses with cracked walls.



Blogger hendrik&may said...

boring !!! same old shits that all "yellow" maraysians know but kept quite cause kiasee .

wey link me ler ...

2:22 PM  

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