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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Charles has been promoted

Nope, Charles have not been promoted to be the CEO of any particular company although he can be considered the Director, Manager, Assistant Manager, Senior Executive, Executive, Clerk and despatch for the Marketing and Advertising Promotions Department as he is the only one there. Things have been bad for him lately and something his friends said gave him great concern of who he is or in fact, who he is turning into.

Charles' temper has never been an issue for him, that is until lately when many things happened due to this natural phenomenon that we all take for granted and rarely notice the changes that occur called 'Temper'. Charles have always been someone who is mild-tempered and even though it can be good up to a certain extent, the fury builds and when it is unleashed, it will be a collective of all the anger, unhappinness, hatred, etc all lashed out at a single person and that person will not be a happy person. As Charles ages, so did his lack of control over his temper and he is beginning to lose it. Friends who are close to him told me that he has been very easily aggravated and extremely sensitive lately. Charles really wanted to know if it was him who changed or is it because everyone around him have been so accustomed to him being nice and all and thus take advantage or take his patience for granted. Not many people have seen Charles lose his temper and I guess fewer have seen him lost it completely.

He does not know what is coming over him, maybe he is just tired of being pushed around and after such a long time, things will take its toll and he will eventually be too tired to tolerate everything thrown at him. Charles do not believe that his temper is really all that bad. He does not even believe that many can take all those shits thrown to them like how he could. COULD. Sarcasm has taken its toll on Charles, so did paranoia and so did trust in general.

People are just not used to the Charles who is not keeping everything in. They expect Charles to swallow everything thrown at him with a smile and just laugh it off in the end. So many things happened that jokes were made at the expense of his ego and self-belief. YOU PEOPLE BELITTLE HIM and still say that his temper is bad? Haha maybe you guys are right cos right at this moment, Charles feels like throwing his fucking laptop on the floor and fucking jump on it but that would contribute to the fact that he has a bad temper would it not?

Charles is now therefore officially labelled as someone who has a bad temper and would bitch about everything that moves, breathes and is colour-blind. You know what, I am beginning to agree to what everyone is saying... Charles is a bad tempered bitch. Oh well, too bad for him. Let's all ditch that ill-tempered asshole and go for a beer.

Signing of with a smile, love and apologies to everyone that have felt the drift of his temper brushing past their delicate face.

p/s: Charles would like to thank everyone who pointed out his weakness and promises to wear a mask and become who he is not, but rather, someone people expects him to be.

p/s 2: Charles is doing this as a joke. HAHA x 1,000,000,000,000

p/s 3: Now out in the market with a beautiful console and wicked games. I am just speculating.



Blogger Chan said...

and then there's paul

2:29 PM  
Blogger hendrik&may said...

let's go for anger management classes together ! I'm exactly the same as u, just that I throw it to the wall and not humans nor animals. I get freaked out myself after finish scolding the wall .

Insane ?

3:00 PM  
Blogger cookiezmonsta' said...

am i included in the 'Friends' group who treat u good? i am sad... very upset...

3:02 PM  
Anonymous faridz said...

whats ironic is that, youre bitching bout the very fact that you bitch by blooging bout it .... boooya

12:04 AM  
Blogger Charles said...

how colourful life can be ehh...
we can submerge ourselves in misery for this moment and then talk about it all, realising that what we do is inappropriate but we still do it anyway and share the pain with others and they have inflicted on you and thus I shall stop talking because I have no fucking idea what the fuck I am talking about

9:13 AM  

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