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Thursday, November 09, 2006

MOTO POSR - Shameless.... so so shameless

As I promised... in this entry, I will showcase the pictures that was taken during my trip to the land of commotion due to the leader Chen Sui Bian, the land where Jay Chow made his debut, the land where A-Mei greeted us with open arms while saying "Welcome to Taiwan". You may ask why the title for this post is called MOTO POSR. Motorola came up with many catchy tags for their products such as Hello Moto, Moto Razr and the latest being Moto Krzr... and that is why I came up with a tag of my own which now Darrell and I use so very often which is MOTO POSR. Judging by the intellect of the very few who reads this blog, I am sure that you guys know what the whole tagline is all about. Yes it is about posers and in fact, it is actually about people who are shameless in front of the camera and there are too many people like that that I know of, me being one of them. But I definitely pale in comparison to many many of them. I thought that I took some decent pictures when I was in Taiwan but sadly, there was actually not much that Taiwan has to offer but the thing that I realised was, thanks to the company there, the trip turned out to be great fun.

Well, ladies and gentleman, let the show begin... MOTO POSR.

Taken from Hollywood "Dude, where's my tree?"

At the MRT Station in ShiLin

I choose West

Ma Lat Fo Wo...

Darrell fell over



Acting cute

Acting cute 2


Darrell is Gay

... :) ...

Chee Yaw is gay too


In Yehliu


With Taiwan's police


So happy for what...

In the MRT

Outside the MRT

OK... go vomit now

She's supposed to be an angel

MOTO POSR 6 (look at the poster behind)


Xi Men Ting

KLIA before departure

There you have it ladies and gentleman... hopefully I can post up some sceneries for my next post. Till then, take care.


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