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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pre-Birthday Dinner

I just got back from my birthday dinner with my family and Meng not too long ago. I know that it is a few days early but what can I do, my parents are going over to Hong Kong. The present from my parents this year is a good one, although I have not yet got it but knowing what it is makes me feel so so freaking high. More on my present later as I will have to bitch and whine like a whore about it. The dinner was at a place aptly called Happy Valley because... I have no fucking idea why it is called that but we shall leave it as it is. Had a great meal and had a great cake, courtesy from my mum, a cappucino cheese cake from Secret-as-usual-Recipe. There is this place called the Monte Carlo on the ground floor ( Happy Valley was on the first floor) where they were actually holding some kind of funky event with clowns and mimes and one fucker all painted in gold who was trying to act like a statue but I saw him move... a few times. We booked the largest room in the restaurant, with a private toilet... would you believe it, A FUCKING PRIVATE TOILET!!! Nothing new, nothing special but just felt like being a moron there for a while. Whilst I was in the toilet, I could feel the floor trembling and for a moment, I was afraid that a giant worm would come out from the ground and send me straight to heaven like that big ass slimy shit from the movie Tremors( Yes, I know that I am going to heaven), but I realise that they were having some serious clubbing sessions down stairs. Dammit.

And now to my present. Last year, I got a car that was deemed and ridiculed as the Pirated, Celup, Fan Pan Subaru which was my Hyundai Accent RXS. Having a car for a birthday present is great of course but getting a new car for my birthday the following year is like getting laid everytime you snap your fingers. This year, it ain't no pirated shits. This is the real deal. I am officially moving from Korean to Japanese and ladies and gentleman, may I present... Honda. And now to my favourite part. The bitching part.
It was a beautiful morning on the island of Penang where I was with three magnificent and beautiful ladies in a hotel room (and of course the other fucking pilot wannabe which happens to be half a guy) when my phone rang, waking me from my slumber. It was my mum, asking which car I wanted and so being the honest kid that I am, I told them. And that was the first of May. I was to wait for a month and so I did, and another month, and another month. Three fucking months for a car is ridiculous and of course I can blame no one but the company called WEGRO which is short for We-Grow-Mushroom-Like-Parasites-On-Our-Dick-Which-Is-Half-Bitten-Off-By-A-Dog-And-The-Other-Half-Rotting-With-Maggots-Munching-On-Our-Balls-Sdn-Bhd. They dragged me for months promising me a car and blaming it on Honda Malaysia for not giving cars to them. Then it struck my mind, Honda must be crazy because they did not want to supply cars to their distributors who will pay them money because they wanna go bankrupt, either that or WEGRO is fucking with me so we complained and finally they told me that they will give me a full refund. And so they did and I went look for another distributor. They are able to give me a car before my birthday and I was ecstatic. They took my order and apparently that WEGRO lodged a fucking complaint to Honda Malaysia telling them that my new distributor is playing dirty tricks and accepting orders when WEGRO has not cancelled our booking. I FUCKING SIGNED A LETTER FOR FULL REFUND YOU FUCKING ASSWIPE. Anyway, all went well and I patiently waited. I made many calls and much to my dismay, I did not get my car as promised. I got pissed off. Got fucking pissed off and it seems that Honda Malaysia actually has a minor difficulty with their production and all cars will be released by this month. My fingers are crossed and my toes are tied in knots. Oh well, a few days more to my birthday so I shall vow myself to nothing but Happy Mood... long live Happy Valley. Was trying to be a moron again.


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Blogger faridz7 said...

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Blogger life of a lonely girl. said...

well i don't know when your birthday.. but i'll wish you happy birthday now! wishing you'll has all your wish come true!and can be more handsome and slimer!!!

9:16 PM  
Blogger Sheerbliss said...

Happy Birthday Charles!

9:59 PM  
Blogger faridz7 said...

is it your birthday? oh right, pre-birthday dinner, ok that makes sense, i see it now. luckily shirley wished you or else i wouldnt have known. Happy birthday buddy. Dont forget to get slimer.

2:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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