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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sorhem - Stupid Ham?

I was at the toilet just now attending to some very very urgent matter and something came across my mind, I have not posted for quite some time already and so I guess that I should. I seriously have no idea what I wanna blog about and so the first thing that came to my mind was actually the bunch of friends whom I can label them as "fai". In cantonese, the direct translation would be paralysed or crippled but metaphorically, it does carry the same meaning but it leans towards the paralysis of the brain. In this post, I shall refer to them as sorhem. I have heard a very very famous quote from a chinese movie which did not make it big and I wasted bloody 10 bucks to watch it. The actors were big shots but the movie was big shits. The quote goes like this, (loosely translated to english):

"How do you define our Friendship? The girls that you do not want, I will take. The girls that you want, I will take behind your back. We are called Life and Death Friends"

Sigh, it somehow sounds funnier in cantonese. Anyways, not to cause misunderstanding, I need to clarify that there are my normal good friends and as stated above, my fai good friends. They are those whom I can talk gibberish to and would not give me the "what-the-fuck?" look but instead play along with me and cause havoc. These are the few with whom I can sit and bullshit and then laugh so bloody loud the we sometimes see people from psychiatric wards behaving more sane than us. Them. I am always at my best behaviour. Well, these are the type of people who makes life more colourful and makes a dull day more lively and makes the cake that secret recipe bakes taste sweeter. What the hell??? Ok... I have no idea where that came from but I think that it is actually due to the pain that I am experiencing in my neck and my shoulders which directly affects my ability to think like a normal... well, just affects my ability to think. I just came back from lunch and it is now 5.21pm cos one of the sorhem decided to drop by at around 3.30pm and asked me out for a drink. It was a great plan due to the fact that I have not eaten but he chose the good coffee bad food place that we all warmly call Starbucks. Paid RM13+ for a bloody turkey ham and cheese sandwich and another 6+ for a double espresso. Living beyond my means... SIGH!!! Anyways, three of the sorhem and I was at Sunway Redbox and we had a quarter short of two bottles of Chivas. 1 3/4 bottles of Chivas... 4 guys, 3 to be more accurate cos one of them needed to stay sober to get some going later in the night.
The great things was, maybe this is no great deal to many people but none of us went home wasted except for the girl that came with one of the sorhem thus increasing his chance of getting oh-so-lucky.


You guys may be familiar with Mr. WS on the extreme right and so from the left... Mr. CL and Mr. CY. Those two are brothers, and I suppose that it does not take a rocket scientist to figure it out and they just came back from the U.K.


And this is Mr. J, another one of the sorhems. Well, that concludes my list of sorhem friends. I have no idea what will happen to me now after this post but if you do see a next post, I am still alive and do not have to call the cops for me.


Blogger faridz7 said...

interesting. charles you're my sexy beast of a friend. chill baller!

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