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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I had a dream... and it fucked me up!!

Everyday has become such a routine for me. I wake up, get ready and go to work. Let me share the proccess with you and let me just take today as an example.
My alarm went off precisely at 7.30 am this morning, I woke up, feeling that I have not had enough sleep as always, pressed the snooze button and hope that the next minute will come a little later before my alarm rings again. After what seems like 10 seconds, the alarm went off and so I sat up, searched for my glasses and proceeded to the washroom. Second toothbrush from the right from my toothbrush holder, I took the dark red Oral-B, smothered it with Darlie (I have been using this brand since primary school), and started the repetitive procedure of hopefully getting rid of all those stains left behind by my close companion Marlboro Lights. Rinsed my mouth, I then walk over to my cabinet and ponder on what shirt to wear today. Sometimes I envy blinkymummy (a blogger as well) because she only has to choose between her pink striped shirt or her beige one. I chose a long sleeved black shirt and a grey cotton pants, never bothered to tuck them in, I walked over to fix my hair. Up or down... choices choices... down it is. Took a pair of socks, my bag which has no use besides for keeping my car keys and cigarettes, and my pair of comfy hush puppies. Wore my socks and shoes, got my car keys and walked out the gate. Got into my black and just washed Hyundai RX-S which screams for help like a whining bitch whenever I try to accelerate uphill, and started my journey. The traffic congestion was expected and so I lit a cigarette, wound down the window, took a deep drag and filled my car with the smell of smoke. I don't even know why I bothered to drench my shirt in my Ferragamo perfume. Halfway through, my phone rang...

...OH FUCK!!! WHAT THE FUCK AM I STILL DOING IN BED?!?!?!?! I looked at my watch and it was 8.50am, my work starts at 9.00!!! OH GOD WHY ARE YOU PLAYING SUCH A CRUEL TRICK ON ME?!?!?!? Anyway, I got ready and wanted to leave for work when my mum came back from the market and saw me still at home, expecting that she would have a broom in her left hand and and a dustpan in the right and start reconstructing my facial feature, she asked me why I was late instead. Just told her that it was alright and even managed to eat the WanTanMee my mum bought back and only then took off for work. Gave all the char siu (BBQ pork) to Aibo (my beagle) and finished my glass of grapefruit juice. Took a box of chocolates from the fridge and a packet of smoked cheese to the office, not as bribe but as a token of friendship to my colleagues. Everyone was happy and no one complained...so far. I was not the latest though so I guess that it would be alright.

How can something like this happen? It seemed so real, like I really got ready and was already driving to work. It was all so vivid and all so surreal. I came to the conclusion that all this happened because everything is already pre-programmed in my mind as of what would and should happen. I do the same thing every morning besides the fact that sometimes I take the time to shit and sometimes I don't. This experience taught me a very valuable lesson, never to trust yourself and so to everyone, when you wake up and in your car, slap yourself to see if you are really awake. What if one day you are in bed with someone that you really fancy but because you are so paranoid as to whether the whole scenario is the truth or just a fraction of your vivid imagination and therefore can't get it on and you only realise that everything is real once the girl called you a lamedick and left. Well, off to the greenroom tonight and DeepDish would be there.

Went through all the old photos today and realised that I look quite good with blonde hair, not gold blonde but those really really light blonde... at least that's what I thought and please, no comments from anyone on my hair. My colleague will be getting married this Christmas and therefore offering himself to a lifetime in captivity and I heard from my friend not too long ago that there is this thing called the Friend Finder or something along that line where it transforms your phone into a GPS system where that someone who registered to track you down would be able to know which area that you are in with just a press of a few buttons. You, of course, can terminate the service but remember and bear in mind that if you do de-activate it, a message would be sent to the other person (girlfriend, wife and in some cases-mothers or even worse, mother-in-law) regarding your actions. Me and a few friends was discussing about this and tried to come up with a fail proof plan to escape the captors but have yet to come out with the perfect one. Till then, those who are actually being tied down by this technology that was originally created for parents to keep track of their kids' location, hold in there and we will try our best to release you from this leash.


Blogger wernshen said...

yes, you do look diff. but something tells me its not your hair. OOPS its your face. it looks slimmer there. mmm potatoes... mmm yumm yumm... mmm mmm

GTR-oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo brrrrrrmmmmmmmmm~~~~~!!!!!!!!!

5:29 PM  
Blogger Sheerbliss said...

I have to agree.. You do look a LOT slimmer!

7:30 PM  
Blogger Charles said...


10:20 PM  
Blogger Valerie said...

hello I'm valerie who was tomorrowed. Thanks for commenting on my blog! =)

10:25 PM  
Blogger faridz7 said...

very the ah beng-ish

12:14 AM  

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