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Monday, December 12, 2005

Getting it on at Passion

On Friday morning, the question never ceased to burden me and played with my head the whole day. " Will this be a lonely weekend?" The reason for saying this is actually because my group of friends, boys and girls and those who are still discovering where they stand, all went down south... to Singapore I mean. I remember my last trip to Singapore with Mr. WS and it was some wicked shit. Singapore has a way to make people go crazy that's for sure, acting like American Born Chinese and getting a girl working in Starbucks to start trippin'. Too many crazy stuff but too little recollection. Anyway, work kept me busy throughout Friday and my phone rang, it was my cousin and his first five words gave me the strength to live on through the day again. "Gam man hui PASSION lor." (Let's go Passion tonight). Woohoo... I was ecstatic after work, I mean, you can't blame me cos I thought I was doomed to a weekend in my room watching ONG-BAK or SHAOLIN SOCCER for the 12th and 57th times respectively. Then I remembered, OH FUCK... mandarin classes... Oh well, it ends at 10 and so, the night's still young. Reached Passion about 10.30 and opened a bottle of Chivas. It was rather cold in there and felt somewhat like a bloody mortuary cos it was so damn bloody quiet, apart from the techno that they had on that is. Shit... and bear in mind that it was almost 11.30 already. Had some drinks and had a little chat with a missy and then got too bored and so i braved the "crowd" on the dance floor looking for prey. There were many "interesting" faces there, let's just say that they are not my kind. Went back up to have a few more drinks as I had always believed in the saying, "Alcohol will make all thing beautiful, pain more bearable, smash girls more ush-able". Mr. Chivas and Ms. Bacardi, hand in hand on the table, seduced me with their clear white purity and dark flavourful evil. The facination of both worlds enticed me to have a go at them. It was then I met Mr. 9 inch-Wing ( name has been changed to protect the privacy of the mentioned individual), there he was in suit and tie, a look that I was not familiar with and beside him, this girl who looks a million dollars, I got envious, I drank some more and went down to see if my vision has been blurred enough to make the girls look hot... there were improvements but I need a few more gulps. Then I met Mr. Seen Hunn ( name has been changed to protect the privacy of the mentioned individual), he was there and introduced me to his company as well, many dicks and not enough chicks but at least he had it better than my group. There was this girl in my group that I did not even noticed her before and lets just call her Ms. Little Know-How ( name has been changed to protect the privacy of the mentioned individual). We went to the dance floor and moved a little, able to control my alcohol, I danced pretty decently that night. After about an hour of grooving to R'n'B we went up for a drink and planned to finish off the Bacardi so the whole group can just go and dance as if in a trance, as if being possesed by some mythical monkey just so to amuse ourselves and each other. We had half a cup of Bacardi on the rocks, downed it and partied.

*Flashback to a few nights ago*
Mr. KY, Ms Cin D-cup, Mr. WS and I was at La Bodega having some coffee and there was this girl with her group on a table at the far end having some booze. We did not get to see her face as she was face down, inbetween some guy's legs and puking. We continued chatting and about 10 minutes later, we turned back and look, there she was, still puking. After coffee, paid the bill, stood up and ready to leave, we looked again, and there she was, same position, still puking. It was that guy's lucky night I guess. Draw his attention off the stench, his night would be perfect. Jerk.

*Back to Friday night*
The dancing and grooving lasted for another hour before we called it a night and I realised that I missed someone terribly and could not think of anyone else. Headed straight home after bumping into one of my colleagues. I could not remember what gibberish came out from me at that time but he was with his chick at that time, quite a looker I might add. Reached home and tried calling her but she was asleep and so I did the same after watching Tom Yum Goong. That was some crazy ass show. I still prefer Ong Bak though and I watched a similar movie in French yesterday night by the name of B-13. Not bad at all, they had a guy like the Ong-Bak guy who can run and jump and do those funky stuff while escaping his would be captors.

My weekend was spent with Mr. Pilot Chui and Mr. Seen Hunn but I hope that this weekend would bring even more fun with the returning of the guys from the Lion City. Till' then, take care and please remind me to lay off the booze until my brain functions at it's peak again.


Blogger wernshen said...

zouk out was cocks.

but singapore still rocked ^_^

wednesday lets go mambo night. i still got 1/2 bottle left yozzz

11:49 AM  
Blogger Charles said...

what a fucked up friend man... just asked you to let me lay off the booze and you invite me to drink somemore... hehe will do...

12:05 PM  

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