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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Of parties and New friends

A new year's arrived and it means that we have a whole new 365 days to add new stuff to our lives. New friends, new dreams, new achievements, new goals, new visions. It also provide us a whole new page for us to mend friendships, fix misunderstandings and renew our 'new year resolutions'. It has been a long time since I updated my blog and I guess that this would be quite a long one so please just bear with me. I really have no idea on where I should start and so I guess I should go back in time to the week before Christmas 2005.

A week before Christmas 2005
Twas the week before Christmas and Mindshare (the company that I'm working in), held a Christmas poolside party and I have heard from reliable sources that those freshies would get embarassed and humiliated in front of everyone. Being me, I went prepared. It was four o'clock, and hour before the whole ordeal would take place and the heaven has already shown me signs of what's to come. The sky was dark and leaves were rustling in the wind and soon, water as if escaping a crack from a dam, fell from heaven and hit earth with remarkable force. We were warned before hand that those who were late would be severely punished and I was two hours late after braving the traffic and ran in the rain to get to my car. I was drenched before the party started. The sign was very apparrent. I turned into Corus hotel, a dodgy place where the party was held, parked my car and went on to the poolside. Not many people there. Still stuck in the traffic I presumed. The rain stopped. People started filling up the spaces. Queue for the buffet grew longer. The food served was not bad and the temperature was great. I sat with one of the IT guy because none of my guy colleagues were there and so I thought that I would just chill with him and apparently, it turned out to be the best thing that happened to me since I joined Mindshare. Reason? It was because it was at that table that I introduced myself to

friends who are now, my close close friends. The night went on and we had to play some stupid games where we would be required to run into the kiddies pool and do some crazy stuff. For me and those poor souls involved in the same game as me, we had to run across the pool and blow up a kiddes float, which I lost terribly, and I blame it on the pack of Marlboro Lights that I have everyday. That apparently was not the highlight of the night, not for me at least. After people start going crazy and splash water all about (my CEO started the whole thing by taking a pail, filled it with water and attacked the hosts), we sat down at our respective places and had smart conversations until suddenly the host shouted something about voting for the best "underdressed person". They were frantically shouting for nominees and out of the blue, "Charles! Charles!". I was kinda shocked cos I was the new guy but I thought, what the heck, I am getting a prize and as you would have expected, the prize comes at a price. The hosts were shouting and being the superbly sporting guy that I was, I went up front. It felt weird standing in front of so many people and not knowing what to expect and since I was the first one in front, I did what I do best, I act cool. Soon, there were 3 guys and 3 girls up front. One of the host then shouted through her mic, " We aren't going to let them just get the prize like that right?". The crowd then cheered and I knew that I was in deep shit. Everyone like to have a good laugh at other people's embarassment, me too, it's just human nature but I just didn't like the fact that I was the one to be embarassed. There we were, afraid of what might come. "What do we want them to do?" "STRIP! STRIP! STRIP! STRIP!" the crowd was like almost reaching simultaneous orgasms. Holy shit, this is not good. Then, not wanting to be a party pooper, I started, I took off my pants and did a catwalk, turned, posed ( I am good at this), danced to the music, moved my ass and made the crowd go crazy. I was good, I was real good. Then the other two guys did it as well and they were... yada yada yada... ok they're done. Then comes the best part. It was the girls turn and they had it fairly easy, all they had to do was do some dirty dancing and therefore, they would need 3 guys. Lucky me hahaha! I was chosen as one of them and there I was, sitting on the chair waiting for the dance to start. Again I acted cool when in my heart, I was like, "Dun bloody fucking do anything stupid or anything to embarass yourself". I didn't and the girls put up a very decent show as well. They may look nice and sweet but girls are borned wild. They have a switch somewhere to turn on their 'seductress' mode. There are not much decent pictures so I won't put them up but there are some decent videos. After all those tormenting and hard-ship, it was time for the crowd to choose their winners (guy and girl). Guess who won for the guys... hehe...

I said I was good in posing did I not? There's actually so much more that I wish to write but I guess that I will just leave it at this first. Many things happened lately and my mind is troubled. I will share more in the next entry I promise. Happy new year to all. Oh ya, since joining Mindshare, I have made a few closer pals and would just like to thank them for making my life here more bearable and colourful.

Me & Ms. Janise

Me & Ms. Shirley

Me & Ms. Sheley

Me & Ms. Amelia


Blogger cookiezmonsta' said...

yor.... putting up pics without permission is bad bad bad ok.. but the 'close close friends' part does cover-up abit...

11:22 PM  
Blogger faridz7 said...

that chick is stacked.

7:09 AM  
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Blogger Shirleybebe said...

who gave u permission to post the pisture? Pls take it down.... If u need the picture, lets Dota with me 1st.. NOOB!!!!

Dun involve me as a part of ur life... I'll very appreciate it.. Thanks, Mr. Charles...

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