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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Goodbye Mindshare

My days in mindshare is coming to an end... It has been a great experience to be in this company for the past 5 months plus and there has been so much that I have gained. I made so many friends, learnt so many things. I joined Mindshare on the 15th of November and up until now, I have been able to secure new friendships, some from the very beginning, some from the very last days. I have seen people come in to join this big family and I have bid farewell to a few as well. Leaving this place means that I will be leaving many friends behind but I am glad that I will be taking away so many memories as well... a recap of what happened throughout my days in Mindshare...

Mindshare was voted "Agency of the Year" and a party was held at the Westin hotel in Bukit Bintang. It was the first company party that I attended and it was really, well, boring. Main reason is because I do not know anyone there but it was there I met Shel and she is one of the dearest friend that I have here ( to me anyway ). Shel has always been someone who is brutally honest with me and I really enjoyed this friendship that we have, not pretentious, not fake. Those are the exact two words that she used to describe me. Pretentious and fake.

Oh well, that aside, time passed and one week before christmas, the pool part was on. It was held at Corus hotel and it was a crazy evening. I have a post written about that as well, so if you would like to know more, then go to that post. Hahaha, it was at this party that I got to know more people and more people got to know about me. I have no idea if it was a good thing...

The most recent party that we attended was the Mindshare 8th birthday party. This event was one crazy event and the theme was slumber party. I was actually expecting it to be so grand that everyone would dress up. I got my suit prepared and my silk shirt pressed, matching tie and Versace shoes and I even got a new pair of Renoma undies. Imagine my disappointment when I found out that it was actually themed slumber party. Every one would not be wearing their evening gowns and suits but instead in their sleepwear: lingeries, pyjamas, robes... HOLY SHIT...it was then I feel rejuvenated again. It's not so bad after all, I am not disappointed no more, no sir. I went with great anticipation. I was even the designated photographer. I waited and people started coming in. My hands were busy, camera on the right and a beer on the left. I felt cheated... I felt so so cheated. Everyone was so reserved, no one bared anything... but being the young, naive and innocent guy that I am, I proceeded to do my job, which is of course to take pictures and camwhore. I got drunk that night... hahaha... not because I can't drink, but just that, ok fine, I can't really handle my booze and so I ended taking pictures of myself and others. So what... anyways... I will post those pictures next time.

Until then, Goodbye Mindshare.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why are u leaving? So sudden, so surprised... Anyway, all the best to u in future undertaking

5:21 PM  
Blogger cookiezmonsta' said...

why so fast??? u just told me the other day and now u are leaving dy??? anyway am sure u will be alrite leaving mindshare... so many probs when u were working there and i admit that i was one of those who created a real big one for u and the others... but here, wishing u good luck!! in whateva u do... and if u are goin to shanghai any soon, well see u there babe, oopss.. i mean dude.... hehehehe

9:11 PM  
Blogger ΅•º čħĸ åĸä ®ēåģăŇ© º•΅ ™ said...

so u've finally decided to fry Mindshare's sotong and live a brand new life working with undies... thats great to know... maybe one day, not maybe but i think u will, be the king of undies... then ur main dream will come true... to photograph gals in lingerie... isnt that wat u want u HORNY BASTARD... Lol....

Yuki ask how u fried the sotong...with sambal or belacan... lol... isnt it the same? haha...

9:34 PM  
Blogger faridz7 said...

aik...so wherere you gonna work now?

10:35 PM  
Anonymous handsomeboy said...

i luv u as much as the volume of the ocean.. the day i stop loving u is the day when the moon turns triangle,the sun stops shining and when the stars taste like strawberry ice blended..darlin,dont let taximan touch ur lanjiao ok.. muakz

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charles ass belongs to me. ooooh yeah. gotta watch out on your diet charles, cellulite is starting to spread now.

7:13 PM  
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Blogger raz said...

i don't know la..but i think u've lost weight..have u lost weight?

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