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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My new love...

Throughout the times that everyone has come to know me, they may take me for someone who is not as loyal as everyone would hope for me to be. I am lucky however that people around me are able to forgive my mistakes. There is an announcement that I wish to make, there is someone new in my life. Her name is Scarlett.

Do you believe in love at first sight? I did not before this and of course all these changed when I met Scarlett. It is funny how things can just strike you so deep that it leaves an impression in your heart like the only star on a dark cloudless night. We have not been together for long but among the others, she is the one who is able to make my heart race everytime I see her and I am proud to bring her out, to be seen with her. Not many of my friends have had the chance to get to know her and I hope that they will be able to accept her for who she really is. Look beyond her beauty and you will soon discover that she has a great great character. I wanted her to be with me since long before but there were many obstacles that blocked our path of being together but now finally, she is mine and I know that this relationship of ours will last for a long long time. It was love at first sight and our relationship began on the 16th of this month. Many may think that my previous relationship lasted a short time, only a little more than a year but sometimes, we need to improve ourselves, we need to know who we really want. Through the love for others, we learn what love is. Through discovery of others, we discover who we really are. She is fair and sassy, she is very adaptable as well. She can accompany me when I go out on a crazy night and at the same time, she is the type who has a look so elegant that I can bring her out to functions. May I present my new love... Scarlett...


My relationship with my previous love started on the 17th of August 2005 and that was a day before my 22nd birthday. Many of my friends said that she is someone pretentious, imitating the style of others. She may be small but she has accompanied me through many down times in my life. She provided me with the space to be alone, she provided me serenity and she provided me peace. I may not have taken the best care of her but never once she let me down. She was always there when I needed to rant, when I needed someone just to be by my side, when I needed someone to listen. Many things happened throughout the whole period of time when I was with her, hearts were broken, friendships were severed but it was with her as well that the sun started shining again, the flood of worries subsided and the wind of change brought only good things to come. Our relationship may be brief but the times that we have spent together will always be remembered... She is my Hyundai Accent RXs. Thank you for the great times that we've shared.

My first relationship started when I was 17 and being young and always on the go, I met my first love. She was with me until I was almost 19. I left her behind when I went over to Australia and when I bid goodbye, my heart ached. She was my first love and therefore, as for everyone would feel the same, I could not imagine how my life would be without her existence. I was not the best person for her as there were times where I left her in great agony, where she was badly disfigured. My heart shattered and the only thing I could to do make things better was to learn how to treat her better and for that I thank her as she made me someone better. My teenage life was spent with this great lady, sure her looks were common and average but it was also through her that I really started to experience life as an adult. She was then taken care and deeply loved by my brother and I am happy because he is able to treat her well, much better than I could ever do. She was my Proton Wira. Thank you for allowing me to reaaly experience living.


Blogger Yuki a.k.a SnoW said...

Scarlett... you're destined to get scars all over your body. That's what your man wants. Too bad you will have to bear with it. Get more scars just to fulfill his wish kay?

10:14 AM  
Blogger ΅•º čħĸ åĸä ®ēåģăŇ© º•΅ ™ said...

personally,i think the colour of ur Honda is gay...

7:22 PM  
Blogger AHLOKKOR said...

So you think you're cool now larrrr.....

6:40 PM  

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