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Monday, April 02, 2007


Where does creativity stems from? Is it a gift that some of us are blessed with since the day we were born? Can creativity be cultivated through exposure to comics, cartoons, novels, magazines and other mediums of communications? If it was like that, it is not creativity anymore is it not? We get hit by creativity in the strangest of manners. In my line of work, there is little involvement of paperwork and time spent in the office. My job is to think, propose, plan and execute. Easy? I wish. What if I have no ideas? Then are there any promotions or events that will take place? What if my planning go astray? Will there then be anything going on for my company? Nope. Many people told me that I have an easy job because they see me out very often and that is true. What they do not see is my time spent in the office and the gruelling hours of meeting that I have to attend and chair. In order to do what I do, I have to be able to churn out ideas for promotions and event for the whole year. I have to seek out sponsors and persuade them to part with cash or products for the little thing that I could give them back which is termed advertisements and exposure. Back to creativity. Some people are hit with their best ideas in a drunken stupor and some just right before they sleep. Some hit their peak ideas when they are sitting in the toilet and some when they are daydreaming. Mine is the latter of the latter. I daydream a lot and to those who knows me through and through, I will come up with random explanations and descriptions of events, to bullshit to my friends.
You can ask me what is the story behind April Fool's day and I can tell you that the story actually takes place 3,ooo years ago in a tiny village in Italy called NuakNuak. People there are very cautious as they are deemed extremely superstitious and there is this one day when a man called Alfie proposed to his neighbour, whom by this time you should have guessed, named April. He knocked on the door and when April opened the door, he knelt but to his dismay, he did not notice that he was under a ladder and a black cat just ran between his legs, being caught off guard, he fell to the side and broke seven mirrors which equates to 49 years of bad luck (if he was living in my country, I do not think that he will see the existence of the so called 'one nation - one race' even until the time his bad luck runs out). That very instance, a storm hit NuakNuak and from afar, they could see a whirlwind coming towards their tiny village. Not realising what is happening, Alfie was hit so hard by a cow that was thrown at him by the whirlwind and he has since became mentally retarded and regarded as the village fool. April felt a surge of guilt and married him and thus he became April's fool.
My mind works in a way where I make things up as I go and that is how I get ideas. I could sit in my car, in a parking lot and just start to imagine how things would be and how the whole event is going to be like. The ideas will always be extravagant and very exaggerated but it does create a basis for me. One of my favourite daydream that I have very often is the thing which I would wish for should I come across a genie. I only need one wish.

Charles: Genie, I wish that everything that I say aloud three times will come true.
Genie: Done. You now have cosmic powers beyond anyones comprehension.
Charles: All genies cease to exist, all genies cease to exist, all genies cease to exist.
Genie: You bitc........*poof*

Think of the possibilities. Think of the wealth and power that you would garner. You could live your life exactly how you have always wanted to. You can have the person you truly love, the house and family of your dreams and your enemies and foes will be transported to a town filled with man-eating trolls and they only have tooth-picks to defend themselves. Creativity does not always involve rainbows and butterflies. I know for a fact because I had to remove one of my entries. Where can I find a genie? Where do I find the magic lamp? Creativity is always very subjective, no right or wrong, no good or bad, just a reflection of what goes on in our mind. I just realised that I would be a tyrant, a warlord and a great friend as I would bestow upon all my friends nothing but greatness. By then, we will all be swimming in Champagne so remember to bring your goggles because it might hurt your eyes.
Some people are just born to think, some to plan and some to execute. I am born to dream.


Anonymous faridz said...

charles...seriously, you daydream and you daydream bout genies? seriously mate. When I daydream, well, when i dream, period, i dream bout keeley. goddamnit. Boobs of great great britain and quite frankly boobs of the world. And honestly, there's hot..and theres keeley.





11:07 PM  
Blogger Charles said...


9:33 AM  
Anonymous faridz said...

charles..when wanna play football?
oh yeah..and lucy pinder..holy crap


12:15 AM  
Anonymous AHLOKKOR said...

Charles, you have to format your post with more paragraphs. We know you may be in the middle of a alpha typing trance where you just feel the ideas just flow from sub-conscious thoughts to the typing fingers effortlessly. But think of your valuable readers trying to digest the barrage of words......

Hope you appreciate the feedback :)

12:17 PM  
Blogger flyboy said...

yeah i've heard the genie thing a million and one times now.. but it just aint happening charles..

9:20 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

note taken... will make it easier on your eyes next time... you know how it is, you get too freaking high writing and you just dun fucking care anymore... and darrell, if i fucking find one... you will wake up to having 4 dicks

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

4 dicks ? wow ... 3 for each of my holes and 1 more ??? long enough to reach my mouth ???

9:01 AM  
Anonymous punpunrider said...

dream of a jeanie
oops i mean genie

3:04 AM  

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