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Friday, April 13, 2007

I wanna be a part of it......Barley Barley

Hey ya'll, I'm finally back from Bali and although it may be a shopping haven and a holiday paradise for many, it barely cuts it for me. The weather was catastrophic I could barely breathe, the sun gave me constant migraine (or maybe the massage, I don't really know) and the rain gave me cough and flu. It was bloody indescribable even though I just described it. The only good thing about that place is the beach. The only good thing about the beach was the people. The only thing good about the people was that they dress very skimpily, what did you expect, it's a bloody beach. Anyway, the trip started well as me and my brother arrived later than the rest of the group due the the difference in flight schedule but it was all good.

The first resort that we went to was excellent and it looked really good. It was a 3 star hotel but the feel to it was great. There are two swimming pools and due to the reason that it was night time, the lighting created an amazing romantic atmosphere. It was called the All Seasons Hotel located towards the outskirts. Our room had a balcony overlooking the swimming pool but sadly, there weren't any ladies doing the nude swim and not even a single one moon bathing in the nude. What kind of country is that? It does not make sense. How can they not swim in the nude and moon bathe? How can they have the heart to not feast my eyes?

After dinner and a shower, we went out for a stroll. Cigarettes costs us around RM4 and the same goes for a big bottle of Heineken. The stroll was a pretty mundane one until I came across this place and honest to god, there are so many people that crossed my mind when I saw it. I will admit that I will be a part of it. Aptly named for all my friends. Fingers will not be pointed and names will not be mentioned but you guys know who you are exactly and if you don't, just ask me if you are in that list you fucking posers.
The local beer there was not that bad and I can only remember two, one which I tried and the other which I tried before, Bintang and Bali Hai respectively.

The second day came and we did a few things, nothing much to shout about. We watched one of their cultural shows and it struck me so hard that all of the characters portrayed looked fucking evil and scary. I have no idea if it was a depiction of their ghost or just a metaphoric representation of evil but they look scary and towards the end, they tried so hard to add in some comedy, it turned out to be something close to what we would expect from Senario. A bunch of idiots being try-hards. The only thing funny about them was them looking funny and sadly, I did not mean that in a good way.

Bloody disturbing ain't it? I would have whacked the shit out of them if I ever did see them, or maybe I would just faint and crap in my pants either way, none is good. We also went to a factory that produces batik and has an array of paintings on display but of course, none of that crap captured my interest. Batik? Paintings? Fucking hot weather? I think I'd rather have a beer and a couple more beers. Hey, what can I say, beer is cheap, did I also mention that beers are good for rehydration? I made that up but just shut up, I did not ask for your opinion.
People working on Batik... boring

Paintings.... boring

The best sight to look at in that place

We then headed for lunch and then to a place where they sold sculptures and small souvenirs somewhere along the way. The items there were kinda catchy, those that I liked, I could not afford and those that I could afford, I would rather spend it on more Bintang beer. Where we had lunch, it overlooked one of the biggest volcano in Bali and no, it did not erupt. I forgot what the place was called because I seriously don't give that much of a shit regarding volcanoes unless of course, I saw smoke coming out from it's peak, then I am sure that somehow the name of that place will be stuck to my mind, for a very long long time. Lunch, as always, was buffet style and by buffet I do not mean anything close to Shangri-La standard, think more along the line of Kayu Nasi Kandar. Later that evening, we went to a temple where people, ladies included, stripped and took a dip in some sort of spring water clad in nothing more than sarongs and maybe their bras. Did i mention that more than 90% of their population are made up of hindus? The dinner was memorable, not because of the food but because of the place and setting. We had dinner on the beach where tables were set up and the source of light was from the moon and candles on the table, and of course to spoil it all, there were the fluorescent from the main restaurant itself. Oh well, nothing is perfect. Pictures coming up.
The Volcano... Quite nice view

Sculpture of one of their myths

One for the ladies.... also a myth I am sure

At the entrance to the temple

Cleanse yourself off your sins you sinners
Another Temple, another entrance

In the cave ya'll

Dinner with mum and dad


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