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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Got Drinks?

What do you get when you cross Red wine and champagne and whisky?
An idiot pretending to be busy and updating his blog the next day at work.

I have come to realise that I am somewhat very powerful in price negotiations as I have the knack to make sales rep face a dilemma as to whether they should give in to my request and face the possibility of being sacked by their boss for giving so much for so cheap or whack the crap out of me, take my wallet and salvage all the coins that I carry with me (I am a poor kid with no notes in my wallet. Please do not check my left back pocket. Thank you). I woke up with a headache, had breakfast with a headache and came to work with a headache. I proceeded to check my mails with a headache and tried to think of something to type in my blog with a headache. Besides all the headaches, I think that I am still quite functional.

Please just bear with me because I do not even know what the fuck I am rambling on about.
Oh ya, I wanted to talk about how I squeeze the last drop out of those sales reps but I guess that it is not that interesting.
Lets talk about people being bitter. Lets talk about people criticising you and not facing you. Lets talk about people showing up and showing you a sour face, as if you raped his/her dog. Lets talk about people telling a big bunch of crap but makes a turn to tell you how great they are. Lets talk about people who are born rich, born with 20 cents in their diapers. Lets talk about good versus evil.

Oh well, I guess I shall just talk about the last one. Good versus evil. I once talked about how I could relate to the spiderman in the black suit, being stronger, being more egoistic, being more powerful as a whole but those in exchange for having a temper. Having a really really REALLY fucked up temper. A debate ensued and it is said that good always tower over evil. It goes something like this:

Charles : I dun only wanna be king. I wanna be GOD.

Her : Then I wanna be Lucifer.

Charles : My soldier kicked your ass into hell.

Her : So you see, good always triumph over evil.
So you should not be like you are wearing the black
suit because you will be evil and evil never wins.

Charles : Wrong, I am GOD.... with the black suit.

Her : ....................

Sigh.... enough of talking cock and singing song. I will continue to be non-productive and chat with the born rich Clement and the getting-richer-by-the-day Chee Leong.


Blogger ΅•º čħĸ åĸä ®ēåģăŇ© º•΅ ™ said...

read all the anonymous messages... hmm... whats with all the attacks? if u guys are really that brave to talk those craps n all, why not show up? let us all know who you really are... there is no use hiding n talking abt ppl... u guys are just as fucked up... grow those ballz...

10:49 AM  
Blogger lyn said...

sometimes criticism makes you grow stronger. and at the end of the day as long as you know that it all doesn't matter because the people who truly mean something to you will always be there for you. you just need to see things in a different perspective.

anyway get over those problems you have already. the drama is getting old. get a new kind of drama.

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Vicky said...

is the "her" = me...hahah coz de conversation sounded so familiar ler..hahaha... yes I'm Lucifer = a fallen angel...got punish and push down to hell by the "GOD"...

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reagen Chen was it? It is me, Mr Anonymous again. Time to wake and smell your own balls. I've mentioned in my previous post that being anonymous has its advantage and its purpose. If you simply cannot compute that tiny piece of information in your thick skull, you do not deserve to live. If i declared who i am....you get what you want, i don't. so how is that beneficial to me? Now keep guessing and think before you say anything...because sometimes it is what you say that defines you...
Now move those testicles to your eyes....

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Your Papa said...

HEy Reagan!! Its your papa here...didn't know you had a fetish for balls...come and lick my salty ones. mmm....you dirty cunt

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

grow up "mr anonymous".. and im pretty sure u dont have enough frens to talk to.. btw, u have a gf?

5:09 PM  
Anonymous Mr Anonymous said...

Growing up has nothing to do with how i replied reagan. Maturity does....but i do believe, i am more mature than most people out there to realize, if you can post a blog....accept the good and bad. but clearly that is not the case.
But i am a foul mouth and i'm proud of it...keeping you guys on your toes.
Well, i've been fucking your gf. does that consider to be my gf, anonymous no.2?

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You certainly have a way with words Mr Anonymous...
Somehow in some crude way, i do agree with you.
If people can't tolerate insults and critisicm, they should simply not post any blogs, says a lot about how they deal with everyday life.
But tone down on the testicle nonsense... Even though i find it funny, picturing it....it is usually not that humourous to the guy you're addressing.

6:57 AM  
Anonymous Mr Anonymous said...

Now...now...the writer of the latest reply makes sense. Rational and direct. I have respect for you therefore, i accept your point of view. Why can't everyone be like you? hmmm? Like the previous posting, i was pressumed that i didn't have any friends...how naive and how stupid can a person get to articulate something like that?!?! Surely i'm not like that in person...but on the web, freedom of speech mate!! Thats the whole point of having the option of remaining anonymous!!

7:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you do know that objects like rocks and mountains are not alive!!

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ARRRRGGGGHHHH ..... I just woke up with no testicles and 2 additional red blooded balls growing from my eye .... Is this what they called bad karma ?


9:33 AM  
Blogger Charles said...

Hahaha what the hell happened the two days that I did not chck my blog. This is getting out of hand man. Sigh, it is with great sincerity that I thank you Mr. Anonymous and Anonymous 2 for being a good sport and advice me over and over again. In my blog, I hope, that if you wish to target someone, target me and not my brother and my friends. And the guys using the name 'Ur Papa', I would appreciate it if you stopped doing that. As I said, I don't mind if you attack me on my blog but do not for once insult my family members because I will definitely be very offended. So go ahead guys, lash out all you want but just adhere to my request. I know that you may be dissatisfied with me in some way and I sincerely do not know how or when I have stepped on your tail but please do take it easy. You have done your job here creating a little ripple in the pond but let's just leave it at that shall we? You certainly do not wish to come across as a nuisance do you? I didn't think so. You are always welcomed to my blog and it's good to know that someone who chose to hide himself actually cares to care about others although not in the most tasteful manner. Thank you as you have taught me to view this in a lighter light and yeah, as lyn said, it did make me grow stronger. I wish the best for you and your family. Go out and breathe some fresh air and try not to be so critical. And for 'Ur Papa', I hope that you would stop doing that. It was never funny to start with and my dad is someone I have the most respect for. By insulting my dad, it does reflect how poorly you view your own family member and of course not to mention yourself being insensitive.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous PunPun said...


10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will be waiting for your next update.... =)

10:54 AM  
Anonymous faridz said...

this is getting lame. i say we settle this over a 5-a-side game of football.

11:35 AM  

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