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Friday, May 11, 2007

What a saga...

Quite a chapter wasn't it? These kind of things happens often on my blog and so as a conclusion, many people hate me, that is if anonymous is not a single person, or many people who likes me does not show their support in anyway besides the few who called and left some comments in my defence. I needed that. I needed someone to push me over the edge and make me lose it once more and it is now that I know, I realise or maybe the more appropriate word would be, I re-realised what drove away those whom are important to me. My temper.

I have written a few posts regarding my temper and I have always said that I would try and change for the better but those were always words. Maybe this time, the moment has really come for me to change. I have more comitments towards my work and there are many people that I would have to meet and if a mere comment like that would bring me down and flare me up, I guess that I would not make it very far. I learnt that being strong does not mean that I have to always be aggresive, always be oppressive. Instead, there is strength in forgiving, in staying calm and in patience. Now I know I can grow stronger. I sincerely try to be a better person.


Anonymous reagan's b said...

Eh Charles, u know Louise Teh anot? She's my colleague and guess what. What? She's from Cempaka too. Wanna meet up?

12:13 AM  
Blogger Charles said...


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