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Monday, May 28, 2007

The complexity of a human mind

It's cloudy today isn't it?
Looks like it's just going to pour.
Wonder how the traffic will be like later on.
Well, hope that you guys have a safe journey home.
The winds are strong as well so please hold on to your umbrella.

There will always be a point in time when you are stuck in a situation where you do not know what to do and you do not truly understand the complexity of everything. You know that the only complexity that exists in the whole scenario is the human factor and I thought that that would be the least of the problems. Who would have thought that humans cannot control the disaster that we ourselves created. Be it war. Be it feelings. As humans, we always think that things will eventually turn out for the better if not for the best but there are things which will not work themselves out if we do not choose to act upon it. Dilemmas. Things are not always easy just as the oceans are not always calm. What is it that we can do to remedy problems which are already so deeply soaked into the souls of the very one that we are trying to protect? I wish i knew the answer to that. I do not think that anyone has the capabilities to comprehend exactly what goes on in the head... and sometimes heart of another. All we can do is guess. My guesses are always wrong. God is an intelligent being. He created something that even the most advance of technology cannot read and comprehend. He created individual minds. He created individuality. He created each of us to be different.

Differences. How do we actually differ from each other besides the obvious physical outlook that each of us have? Character. That is the only thing. And that is the only thing that we cannot fully comprehend. How I wish that I can utilise more than that measly 5% of my brain. Maybe then I can know what goes on in people's mind. Maybe then I can know what I can do. Maybe then I can finally be sure of myself.

There is always more to life than being who we are. We should always try and learn to be more than who we can be. That way, life will truly be worth living. Life will truly be lived.



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fi feel like im reading Oprah's blog.

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