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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Illuminated path

Hello there,

It was never easy to have you in my heart as first,
It was harder to have myself in your heart as last.

I wanted to understand the mechanics of this thing called love. The more I try to find the answers, the more I tried to comprehend, the more lost I became. I have lost all my routes of escape. I fail to understand to reason behind the sharp pain that I feel every morning even after you have moved on to a path leading to somewhere better. I am tired of hiding behind the wine bottle and cowering behind unconciousness. I pulled all my strength together and tried to stand, I always end up falling on my knees at the end of the day. I finally feel how you felt. I finally had a taste of my own medicine, brewed by my very own hands. Things are looking better for you and I am happy. You may have finally found that special someone who will give you all the love and care that you truly deserve. Here, I wish all the very best and that you should get nothing less than what you deserve, which is nothing short of the best. I hope that your new lease of life will bring you all things good. I hope that your new pillar of support will have your back through thick and thin. I hope that you will always be you. That you who will always be irreplaceable.


Anonymous faridz said...

I too have of late had the same thought for things such as this, Charles, which I do half at random are afterwards confirmed by my judgment in a dozen features of propriety. For The Bard once asked, "Can you love a fool?" and Viola replied, "Can you love a player?"...i seriously dont know where im going with this. well mental innit.

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is so stupid, look at this chance.I thought that men were the ones who needed to sow their wild oats yet here you are, "I need a break," "I need some time," "I need someone new."I don't care about the right time, all I care about is the right One.
What was this to you? anything better than a pretty rock, a bauble to play with until you got bored, then tossed it aside to find another one to pull with your strings.That's not a fucking toy you're playing with, its not some pretty gem to adorn your mantle, thats her fucking heart you stupid dickhead.That's a fucking life worth fighting for.Charles, you are just so doomed.

11:58 AM  
Blogger Charles said...

Very nicely put... Do I not get a chance to repent for what I have done? I am stating only how I feel and never once did I get into a relationship just to play someone out until I develope feelings for another. You chose to judge based on what YOU think and what YOU choose to believe. You were never in my position and never once did you stand in my shoes thus nothing gives you the right to be judgmental of me. I may be seen as a bastard or as a player or both but it's not up to you to testify because you were never with me and thus you will never know how I feel for someone. If I am all that bad, do you think that they will still remain my friends? You, Mr. Anonymous, on the other hand, ever been in love? Ever been in a relationship? Ever sacrificed anything for someone you love? I may not be perfect but I am surrounded by friends and people who love and care for me. You should take a moment and reflect. Understand why you are so bitter and try to comprehend why you feel so offended by the misdeeds of others. Take this one moment to search for a true friend. I guess you have a lot of anger and dissatisfaction in your heart.

3:42 PM  
Anonymous PunPunRider said...

"I guess you have a lot of anger and dissatisfaction in your heart."

All hail Lord Charles, the new Master of the Obvious.

3:49 PM  
Blogger flyboy said...

hhahaha wern shen....

9:12 AM  

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