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Thursday, August 16, 2007

High Infidelity

To what extent is infidelity accepted or should the question resonates to the sound of how much could be done before a person is viewed as being void of fidelity? I do not know how to view this matter from the ladies' point of view as I do not dare judge when I cannot put myself in their shoes and comprehend their motives or reasons for being disloyal but for a guy's point of view, I guess I can contribute my two cents. That being said, it does not mean that I have been (always) unfaithful but as the question goes;

'What are the criteria or actions taken which will then constitute to transgression in a relationship? What is viewed as exceeding the limits and crossing the boundaries when it comes to relationships?'

This post is actually 'inspired' by the happenings around me lately whereby I am put in a situation where the plaintiff is a great person who is suffering in silence, crying herself silly almost every now and then. The defendant just happened to be my friend, my brother. When I come to think about it, defendant and I are so much alike, just that the way we handle the situation differ from each other. I am usually seen as the bad guy because to start a new relationship, I take drastic moves, I break people's heart, I break promises and as a result, I break them. This has happened once too many times and thus, hoping to make up for all that I have done, hoping that there is still a place for me in heaven, I repent. At least I hope I did. My defendant friend's way of handling it is totally ignoring the fact that anything happened. He will be seen as being misunderstood, not knowing what to do and confused. I have been in and out of relationships for so many times that I am blinded. Blind to see those that really cares and blind to see that some want me for certain reasons. Some people chose me for reasons that I could never comprehend. I am devoid of good looks and great body, money aplenty I have not. What is it that girls see in me I do not know. I am not complaining. I just don't understand. My friend is different, he has the charms to the looks to the layers of dough in his GUCCI wallet. But I guess that's the way life is, it's fair to a certain extent and unfair to a certain extent which all in all makes it fair again, if that even makes sense.

Digressed a little bit there, my apologies. What constitutes to someone being disloyal, unfaithful, guilty of infidelity? How far does one person have to go before being branded on their forehead with the word 'PLAYER', having to carry that word, that adjective, that misconception for life? When I say misconception, I meant it for myself. It does not mean that there are no jerks around and every case of being unfaithful can be justified. I have been sort of a philanderer before and the outcome was really bad.

It really depends on how much the girl could take. I am close to many girl friends. Nothing scandalous, just close. Vicky is someone who is very understanding in this issue and thus I have the freedom to mix with pretty much anyone that I want to mix with. In a very nonsensical way, I now have a big wife ( who happens to be a guy), a small wife ( who is now in Hong Kong), a senior concubine (Vicky), a lover, and a girlfriend. It is all good because everyone there is my close friend. The hardest thing about being in love is staying in love once you are with that special someone. It is not easy and many times I have failed, only to realise that it filled me with regrets and then comes the part where I try to make up. It will be a vicious circle until that one fine day, you no longer are able to patch the hole that you made, you no longer have the means to make up for your wrong doings and then you fall. When you fall, standing up will be the hardest thing that you have had to do.

I fall out of love for the most trivial things. That is because I did not have the patience to tolerate and I take all things too personally. All that leads to arguments and arguments lead to cracks in the relationship. I give up too easily. I give up way too easily. That is something that I have vowed to overcome. I cannot differentiate the difference of falling out of love and plain old being angry. When for that moment I did not feel like I care for that person, I feel that I no longer have love for them. Time and time again I was proven wrong which prompted me to finally learn. When things like that happen, that is where infidelity comes in. I am not trying to create an excuse for myself but it's true. I fall in love with another because I thought that I have fallen out of love with the previous. People outside the circle will look at me as if I am someone who plays people out and I have no right to question their view because that is the image that I have projected to them. Not everyone knows and not everyone understands. At least I changed. At least I am trying. I guess I have not provided an answer for the question of this post.

What are the qualities and actions taken which will constitute to someone being guilty of infidelity?

I will never know. Who will?

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Anonymous Someone said...

You have always been a player and I do not see you changing anytime in the near future. A bad fruit will always be a bad fruit and there is no chance that someone like you will even opt to change for the better. You take life too easily, disregarding the feelings of those who loved you once or those who are loving you now. I pity every girl that you have ever cheated into believing that you actually loved them. Your friend who is behaving this way, I guess he got it off you yah? Try staying away from innocent girls and do not destroy their future. I have seen a few girlfriends of yours and seen some of their pictures. Let them lead a normal life and try not to fuck it up for them will ya? That is my two cents for your two cents.
Final words, you should consider yourself lucky that there are that minor handful who still find you somehow attractive and pitifully want you in their lives.

9:39 AM  
Blogger Faridz said...

owwwww. fierce!

11:53 AM  
Blogger Charles said...

hahaha.... that was a good one. What if I told you I know exactly who you are you bastard. Will you fucking be scared? You sound so bitter? Do you fail in love very often? Do you not get the girls that you want? Well, I will always be here should you need consultation and for someone like you, it will be free of charge. Why? No reason why, I just do not see the point of charging someone who is already hit the bottom of the pit. And of course, you sound fairly reasonable and THINK that you have the capabilities to score any girls that you want... good on you. Just in case you can't do it, tell me and I will teach you how. Just to see how far you can go in love because, to be truthfully honest, I think that you hide in the corner of your room crying yourself to sleep thinking of how pathetic you are.

12:16 PM  
Blogger Chan said...

brave words. too bad they come from someone only brave enough to call himself, well, "someone". what a joke.

4:55 PM  
Anonymous someone said...

Does not matter what you guys say alright? Why is it that all of you fail to see that he is someone who is beyond help? Why criticise me when he is playing with the hearts of innocent people? Do you think that just because he is your friend, you have the obligation to stand by him and say good words for a 'monster'? Words are easy to say and excuses are easily created but sometimes you should step out of the box and truly understand that what he does is wrong and even if he says that he repents, how far is it true? You are all to gullible in believing that someone like him will even change for the better. You may be naive and young but you still have to be conscious about the things you say even if it is to back your friend up. You do not support someone blindly.

9:54 AM  
Anonymous faridz said...

fierce! someone called me young and naive. young! yay! if anyone asks, im 18. thats totally major ! thanks someone! still think youre a pansy ass for not putting out your real name though.

1:10 PM  
Blogger Chan said...

you know you've hit rock bottom in life when you find yourself posting comments long enough to be blog entries on other people's blogs. congrats "someone".

3:42 PM  
Blogger lyn said...

omg! someone has no friends!
i mean true friends.. you think we don't see charles's flaws??
charles himself sees his own flaws!
but we still stick by him because that's what real friends do. they accept you for who you are.. give you advice when you've done something wrong.. and still forgive you at the end of the day
and come on he's not really a monster.. hitler's a monster and hitler himself got married before he died!

1:55 PM  
Blogger lyn said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

1:55 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

Thanks Lyn... comparison made between me and hitler... well... Thanks for being a friend anyways. Oh ya, and if I was Hitler, the Jews will be alright, others will be disposed of, not the Jews.

3:32 PM  
Blogger Faridz said...

others will be disposed of? geez, now its against religion..wonder whats next...

5:32 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

Hey hey hey.... the others could refer to an individual ok

9:43 AM  

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