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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sicker than peanut butter and shit sandwich...

The year 2008 has not been kind to me thus far. In terms of health at least. I could not drink nor party during New Year's eve due to sickness which includes bouts of diarrhoea, involuntary vomitting and all around muscle aches. Barely one month after that spell of sickness, it has returned. It feels very much like symptoms that you would expect from food poisoning and that could very well be the case. Those of you who knows me well enough knows that I would not give the doctor a visit unless my life feels like it is coming to a fucking end. It does actually feel like that now. I am so fucking weak and find it hard even to stand and walk to the pantry for a cup of tea. I hate this feeling. I hate feeling weak and controlled. This sickness limits my movement and what I can do... fucking hate it.

I am going to have a lunch appointment with the people from OK! Magazine later on and I guess that it will not be a good day for them since I am not feeling too well. Oh ya, just so you know, I have a knack for perfecting the art of price negotiation and have been getting great prices for advertisement pages for all magazines. That is not the story. The story is that I have been having stomach ache for the past two days and it feels like the next time I shit, my intestines will come flushing out.

I was talking on the phone with a friend last night as she called to find out how I was doing after getting to know that I was sicker than having a peanut butter and shit sandwich. Teresa called me and wasted many minutes of her life talking to me when there are more worthwhile things that she could do... such as saving the penguins trapped in Kuwait. The funny thing is that we roleplay (not in the sexual way) and getting into different characters. I would play the part of the King from some Chinese Dynasty which will of course be fucking prosperous and magnificent where the people love the King more than themselves as they have the best ruler in the whole universe and everything beyond this universe and everything beyond that. In short, I am the best. Vicky will be Ngoi Fei who is always insecure and paranoid that bad things will happen to her and lacks the confidence that she needs to be queen. Teresa will play the role of Leng Fei, the one who's always feisty and will fight back. The great thing about this is that everyone will really get into the character and start to speak in the ancient chinese language.

Charles: I don't feel good. I think you will have to come and help me check my pulse.
Teresa :
You should cover yourself with blanket and sweat it out.
Charles: I covered my head but then a bit hard to breathe.
Teresa : Then I guess I will have to suffer a little to make you better.
Charles: Why?
Teresa : Cos I will have to sit beside you through the night
Charles: Why?

Teresa : Cos I am Hot Stuff
Charles: ........ hahaha........

Enough of those. Things like this really makes my day a little brighter and realise that everyone is not just how they appear to be. Some people will make mistakes and ask the stupidest of questions which will leave you baffled for a little bit. But it's all in good humour.
Well, I am just going to end this post as abrupt as possible because I need to go to the toilet again. I have no idea what else there is to come out.

The ladies who adds colours to my life.
(Picture stolen from Teresa's blog

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