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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Riding the Pink Horse

I have always, since a long time ago, wanted to experience what it was like being amidst thousands of people screaming at that one person or that one group who's performing on stage. I wanted to feel the energy. I wanted to feel the passion. I wanted to feel the maniacal wrath of crazy-and-probably-drug-infused-fans reaching out their hands towards the stage hoping to have endless orgasms after being able to touch the edge of the singer's pants. I have officially purchased my first concert ticket after 24 years and it made the RM398 seem so worthwhile. I have heard about this concert being fucking fantastic in Singapore and I do not expect anything less for the show in Malaysia.

Jay Chou is coming. Those who have had the privilege to listen to me sing and be tortured beyond comprehension will know that I am a great fan of Jay Chou. I was not brought up to have mandarin as my mother tongue nor do I speak it well but his songs are the ones which I will take the effort to learn. I still remember the first song that I took so much time to memorise from his album where the song is titled Hei Se You Mo which translates to Black Humour.
He is not one of those good looking artists who propels to stardom based on the support of those mother-fucking-crazy-bitch-ass-ah-lians who come in droves to have a glimpse of the oh-so-mother-fucking-good-looking-until-can-become-the-god-of-handsomeness singer who are very so often fair and tall and well built with very white teeth. He is known for his singing. Not all may agree as not all thinks highly of him. Thus far, he has appeared in three films, Initial D ( in which he looked stoned throughout), Curse of the Golden Flower ( in which he looks stoned throughout) and Secret which is a great show if you ask me although there are times that he excessively shows of his piano skills. He may not be great to many but he is definitely different. Rap, hip-hop, ballads and rubbish, he sings it all. To be very honest, I am for once, excited about the fact that I am gonna go to a concert. I even chose to give MUSE a miss even when I had the tickets in my hands.

It's gonna be on the 23rd of February and I am so fucking sure that it will be a blast. So, anyone else that I am going to see there? I know that Pilot Chui Pi Pi will be interested but as to whether he will be able to make it, I have no idea. Well then, the next post will be about something more interesting I promise but its just that I wish to share. I have his new album called "On the Run" courtesy of Miss Vicky. Thank you very much. I have no fucking idea how many of you who actually take the time to read my blog but for those of you who does, and who understands chinese, even the most basic of words, should get this album. It's bloody good... for me at least.



Anonymous v | c K y said...

i will feel more excited if its DAVID Tao... for Jay Chou the "yeah" level is about 4, but for David Tao it will be "yeah" level 10... muhahahaha.. but anyway i'm still goin to Jay concert because of you... hehehe... "go go Jay Chou"

6:26 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

sigh... cos you say jay chou sings the same type of song and go in the same direction marr.... then that makes david tao sounds like he is singing the same song over and over again lorr. David Tao is about as entertaining as that stuff that came out from my ass. Only he is a little uglier.

6:28 PM  
Anonymous v | c k y said...

ooo... i didn;t attack ur Jay Chou wor... i also didn't say he cannot sing... is just that he is not my type when it comes to music mar... haih~~ fine ur Jay Choun is the "best" ok... -_-'

6:34 PM  
Blogger Faridz said...

and since me is doing his commercials and his concert visuals, i have free tickets to his concert, muahahhaha. damnit, i should have done jolin's.

10:32 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

Faridz my man.... Can I have a poster please.... and maybe some free tickets should you choose not to go... and also back stage passes, and also a chance to grab jolin's boobs...

9:26 AM  
Blogger Chan said...

its funny how you spend 400 ringgit on concert tickets, but not the 40 odd ringgit on his cd :)

4:43 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

Someone gave it to me as a gift so why should I spend another 40 bucks on it lehh??

5:45 PM  
Blogger Teresa said...

enjoy d concert....

12:43 PM  

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