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Monday, November 12, 2007

Time for a Change

When you see people rallying and gathering, hoping for a fair election, when someone like me who does not give two fucks about politics feel so agitated with our current administration and for opposition leaders to have to send a memorandum to our King, pleading for a fair electoral outcome, you know that there is something wrong. Everyone knows that there is something wrong. You do and I do too. Do not misunderstand, I am on no particular side nor do I favour any opposition parties but one thing for sure, the time has come for a change.

We, as the sons and daughters of this country have lost our most basic rights. We have lost our rights to speak, to write and to express our feeling towards our country. The government's job is to protect us. They are voted into the parliament to serve the people of their country and not fucking instill fear in them. What have we become? What have our country become? To say that I am displeased is an understatement. What the hell is the government doing? How many cases of corruption has emerged in the papers since our current PM got his ass on the big and mighty chair in the fucking parliament? How many cases of discrimination were reported in the papers? Remember that guy who lifted the keris and shouted something about ketuanan melayu? He did it again this time, saying that the keris was meant to protect. Bollocks. Fucking Bollocks.

No one in the government is above the law but apparently, that is not the fucking case ain't it? I have not been brain washed or fucking pulled over to the "dark side" but it is just that I have been constantly mind-fucked by the government of this country. Our ministers are brave. They dare do anything because they know that they will get away with it. Everything that happened, that was reported, will be published, and then dragged on and on, and then forgotten. Remember Rafidah and the AP issue? That is one of the example.

I am not asking for anything but merely expressing my disappointment in this country that I once loved. I read in the papers yesterday about this chinese boy from this chinese school who wrote a piece of composition and submitted it in as an entry in the Commonwealth Essay competition and he won. He spoke much about unity and his love for this country. He is still young. He is still naive. He is surrounded by his multi-racial friends and may not have seen the ugly side of racism on a much larger scale. He did not see how his country is corrupted and how his fellow country-mates are feeling. He did not know that when he tries to apply for a place in the local universities, he will be facing many problems and would most likely have a hard time to get a scholarship should he ever needs one. He may also not realise that he may not be able to take the subject that he wishes to take because local universities must have a certain amount of bumiputra doctors, engineers, accountants, so on and so fucking forth. That little chinese kid is still young and he should enjoy his childhood and live in his fucking fantasy before he grows up to realise what kind of shithole his fucking paradise really is.

We talk about transparency, the government talks about transparency. It is about as transparent as my scrotum. I do not encourage protests or illegal gathering but I wish that somehow, somehow the government, those so called "leaders" sitting in the government, living in their fucking big houses, would come to realise that they are fucking no-one without the people of their country. They are mortals. They are mortals whom I do not look up to but instead despise. They made me hate this land. They made me not love my country. THEY FUCKING MADE ME UNPATRIOTIC. We should stand up and let them know that as we can place them way up there, we can fucking bring them down. Do not allow them to take their priviliges granted by us for granted. They are elected to serve. They are elected to maintain stability. They are elected to make our country grow. They are not elected to make us fear them. Police forces are the same. We fucking pay their wages. We are the bosses. We go to them for protection. Do not act so high and mighty, Because eventhough you are holding a gun, the gun belongs to us. The country belongs to all. Not just you. By you, I mean you fucking thieves and robbers. You who stole our freedom. After 50 years, we are more trapped than before.

It's about time they learn who they serve. It's about time for a change.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's about time you get out of where you are...good luck..i mean well..just stumbled across your blog..

2:38 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

but of course... since you believe that I am wrong, you have the right to your point of view. I have the right to air my thoughts and feelings, that is if democracy still exists.

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Friend said...

I'd like to know, how do we change? Where do we start?

I'm not disagreeing but i'd like to know your honest opinion on what we should and should not do!

That aside, why is there so much swearing in your entry? I know you're really pissed, but i really hope you'd decrease th7e amount of swearing.

By the way, i like the entry. I really do!

12:27 PM  

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