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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

High time for updates

First off, for those who even remotely care for my existence, I am still alive. Although I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel and met death face to face, I am still here, hanging by a thread. Holding on to the very essence of life I call consciousness. By that, I mean being able to have normal bodily functions and the ability to control my speech. Not having the pure essence of evil, droplets of sins and shots of destruction that we call alcohol take me over and make me do the things that I do not remember doing or performing acts that I truly regret.

During the times when I was not updating my blog, I have been through bottles of Johnnies and Hennesies with accompaniments from champagnes, beers and maybe some vodkas here and there coloured up with a little wine. Yes, we have been drinking a lot and by saying we, I refer to the ever-trustworthy drinking companion Wern "emo-drinker" Shen. Me and some friends which made up a group of 12 went over to Langkawi 2 weeks back and for the three nights that we were there, we drank, and oh fucking hell yes we drank with a vengeance at the expense of waking up late and being fucked and vomiting like it was a competition. It was great fun as this particular trip had many things that was not listed in the itinerary such as a late night live drama, walking in heavy rain after trying so hard not to get wet while playing "water-sport", random objects throwing show, water gun shoot-off and the clogging of the toilet drain proccess by two ladies. It was messy. It was messy but fun.

I do not have the pictures but the nights were wild. Peeing from the balcony ( we stayed on the ground floor), drinking to card games, the quest for love for some and the quest for answers for others. It was a great bonding experience as the time best spent was in the room. We joked and played and drank and it was all good. Candid pictures and videos were taken in all the greatness of being in a drunken stupor, telling the camera that I am GOD and all those bullcrap.

I know that I have promised much pictures and this time, I will make sure that there will be pictures. I will get if from everyone who brought their cameras and then I will upload. I promise.

This month, there are 3 birthdays of 3 very important people to me. What makes it so special is that these 3 are the 3 leading ladies in my life right now and all being special to me in their own different way.

3rd of October
Miss Mengchia,
There has been so much that we went through and I am very thankful that we are still as close as I hope we would be. There are words of apologies that I wish to say to you but I guess that it will not be right in this context. You have always treated me with the best intentions and given me so much insight in my life. For this, I sincerely thank you. I wish you the very best in life and as you have always been there for me in my life, I make this pledge to you that I will always be there should you need me. Take good care of yourself and may only the best be bestowed upon you.


12th October
Miss Vicky Chow
You have never given up on me no matter how many times I screwed up and I know that I have not been the best boyfriend that you have encountered. You have had to put up with many crazy antics and behaviour from me and for that I apologise. You have been a great girlfriend and I am thankful. You have shown me time and time again that I am someone who is worth more than I believe what I am worth and you stood by me all those times when I needed someone to be there beside me. For this birthday, I wish you great strength and confidence to deal with what the world will throw at you and hope that each birthday will give you a renewed sense of believe that great things will happen to great people. You have always stood by my side, holding my hand and guiding me on to be someone better. Here, I promise that I will always be there for you.


15th October

Miss Sheley
The greatest friend that one could ask for. You have always given me a slap when a slap is due and see me in a different light compared to how others perceive me. You do not stereotype who I am and do not judge me from what many others say about me which is nothing less than me being a beast of some sort. Although you have the tendency to be late for appointments and maybe sometimes cancel at the last minute, you have never ever let me down as a friend. We have known each other for sometime already and from a quiet beginning, I am glad that we have grew this close as friends and I know that you will take a bullet for me if not pushing someone to take one. I hope that I have not failed you as a friend at any point, and if I did, please forgive me.



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