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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ex-treme games...

When I was driving to work this morning, tuning in to Hitz.fm, they were talking about extreme games. The first thing that came to my mind was the crazy things that I have done before. Well, not that many to mention but I have bungee jumped and did white water rafting when I was still living in Australia. Life was good for the young, stupid and reckless me and now that I have grown up, I am just stupid and reckless, and maybe still young-er within my friends. Much to my dismay, they were not talking about anything in relation to the sports that will make many ladies squeel and men shit in their pants but their extreme game was about ex-partners. It caught my attention and I listened for a bit but it was all rather bland until they interviewed random people, asking them if it would be OK for them if their partners went out with their ex. The ladies were not so welcoming when it comes to that idea and the guys seem to be more open with it. How true is this? Are the ladies usually more concerned when it comes to their man having a date with theirs ex?

This would be my opinion and is strictly from my point of view which will not reflect what other men feel. I am just that needle in that fucking haystack. Anyone close to me would know about my history and I dare say, not proudly I might add, being very colourful. In my case, it would be very natural for girls to feel somewhat insecure should I be meeting up with anyone from the opposite sex unless given the fact that those girls looked more like guys and then, maybe then, they will feel that tiny sense of security lurking somewhere behind their mind. I have not been the best of person or the best of a boyfriend to be exact but I guess that on the upside, I am trying to make myself better and I am trying to change, make myself less of an asshole. When will that be thoroughly achieved I would not know for sure. It is still work in progress.

On my part, it takes a lot to make me jealous and it is a well proven fact. I have never had any problems with my girlfriend hanging out with their ex-es or even being out with a whole group of male friends. There are only certain rules that you will have to set I guess. Not to be over-protective or possessive in any way but maybe steps to ensure their safety. I will be afraid of their safety and that would be my primary concern. My rules are always very simple, a call before going out, a call when they reach their destination, a call when they are leaving and a call when they reach home. Of course that would also means that they would have to have access to their phone at all times. I do not believe in restricting someone's freedom as that is not what I wish upon myself. The freedom I give will reflect the amount of freedom that I wish to receive. Up until now, I have had not much problems except for that one time where some nasty shit happened and I had to gently remind someone that it was wrong to mess with someone's girlfriend. That happened years ago.

What would you do? How would you feel if your partner goes out with their ex? What would you do if they get messages late at night from their ex? Hmmm.... writing this post makes me feel that up to a certain extent, I am such a good boyfriend for having so much trust.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"How would you feel if your partner goes out with their ex? What would you do if they get messages late at night from their ex?" - hmmm sound and feel very familiar to me... but i'm guess i've overcome it... for me i dun think is wrong to hang out with ur ex but as long as u guys know the limit, and when u talk about limit is very subjective as everyone has their own opinion, so let's not touch the "limit" topic... ^_^

6:26 PM  
Anonymous Fiona said...

Hmmm.. I don't know will i mind or not , caused you see i'm still virgin mary :P ( No BF ok) But i guess it depends both side , they guy must know the limit and girl usually just hanging out nothing much..

7:57 PM  
Blogger lyn / TheDiva said...

yea i don't mind my bf seeing his ex
but doesn't mean that i can't start sharpening my nails just in case something starts to happen... say calls at 2 am in the morning?
that's just not acceptable

2:49 PM  

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