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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Where do we go?

Dear all,

I know that it's always a very tough thing to talk about when it comes to politics and the inequality that we have been accustomed to for the past so many years. I do not whine about privileges that are blessed upon some people just as I do not bite the sour grape looking at those born with a silver spoon. I just believe that we should all have a fighting chance, a fair fighting chance, a chance for us to make this country, this economy even more competitive, make it even more prosperous but with limitations and endless hurdles, is it still achievable? Yes, but it takes a much longer time. I can assure you that I am not a saint and I am speaking partly from my selfish point of view as I know that there are things that if I wish to do, I may not be able to do so with ease just because I am not one of those privileged. I may have somehow, in previous posts, appeared as someone who do not feel content with the government and I do not deny it, all I am asking for is for them to realise that they are who they are only because we allow them to be.

In my previous post, someone left a comment, asking me a question which I feel has no definite answer.

Friend said...

I'd like to know, how do we change? Where do we start?

I'm not disagreeing but i'd like to know your honest opinion on what we should and should not do!

That aside, why is there so much swearing in your entry? I know you're really pissed, but i really hope you'd decrease th7e amount of swearing.

By the way, i like the entry. I really do!

What can we do? Where do we start? I believe that we should make changes gradually. The government has applied a tactic which was used by ancient Chinese general where easily explained, means 'Kill one, warn hundreds'. Some bloggers who, much like me, see injustice in our system, chose to voice out and what they got was lawsuits. Do not get me wrong, I am afraid like many. I am afraid that I will be nailed somehow, under what charges I do not know and thus is why I do not state anything which bends away from the facts and merely speak my mind, believing that I still have the rights to.

How do we make a change? We start with our rights. Our rights to vote. Who we vote for is completely up to us but we have to remember that whoever sits high up there on the comfy cabinet stool is determined by us. They who feel that they are so powerful that they get to overpower the people who gave them the chance to lead, should realise that the stool does not belong to them, and they may not have the chance to have their asses on the soft leather cushion anymore. WE are the one who determines who gets to make decisions on our behalf. WE are the one who determines who governs us. WE are the people whose voice should be heard. WE practice our rights to elect the candidate whom we feel will protect us. WE choose those who gives a damn. WE decide who gets their payroll from our hard earned money. Nothing was equal since the beginning and I am not complaining and whining like a bitch about that now, this is inevitable and this has been the way for a long time and it may be the reason why we have not ended up like Indonesia. It's very much like how we will not be seeing a Chinese Prime Minister. Somethings are just meant to be and we will just have to live with it.
But I am sick and tired of being threatened. Sick and tired of how low-lifes had been glamorised just to pull in that extra votes. Yes, I am talking about our Mat Cemerlangs.

Things do not have to end like this. There are things that we can do and there are messages which we can send. I am not saying that there should be a rally or there should be any protests. It really does cause too much inconvenience to the public but our government could help much earlier but they chose not to. Why fire water cannons and use tear gasses when they could just monitor the rally peacefully to the palace and then let them disperse? Why instill fear in the people who are fighting for what they believe in. What are they even afraid of?

I watched Lions for Lambs earlier on and it was a great movie. It merely states that there are people up there who lie. There are people who fight and die for the chance to make a change. There are people who, very much like me, have almost given up in believing just because we feel that we are only one person. What can one person do?

I now know a glinter of the answer, we start by changing our mentality. Only by that, only by seeing the bigger picture will we be able to make a change. We just have to realise. Realise that the power is in our hands. Realise that we do not have to be afraid of the people whom we place up there because it is through our hands that we can push them back down.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

where is razmans opinion about all of this.

4:44 PM  
Blogger lyn said...

2 words: migrate overseas

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

at the end of the day, all the people in the country can do is talk and whine about it. if there is a possible change, it would have been done within the past 50 years, a generation ago. so, just fold your cards..and get out of the country..play a new hand..any next 2 cards that you play will be better than the 2 cards that you are holding now...walk away from it...if you can...

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You fucking retards!! is that all you know how to do? walk away from problems?
lyn, 1 word for you:- coward

We are all malaysians, born a malaysian, die a malaysian but most importantly live like one.
it is this sort of cowardice mentality that has gotten the nation into an identity crisis. Is everything foreign the best? come on...
if we are unhappy about the government, we rally, we demonstrate, we sign petitions, we get political...we make things happen ourselves.
but like most of us, we want an easy way out...
we should be ashame.

12:33 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

Dear anonymous, I do agree that to turn things around, we have to take things into our own hands. I do, however have to talk on Lyn's behalf. You said that we should rally, sign petitions, demonstrate and all but the government is practicing their authority to stop rallies, stop demonstrations, stop public gatherings and so on. Has it been done? Yes. Did it work? No. Do not get me wrong, I am all for change but you see, we do not hold the power and the intervention of our current administration render everyone from people like you and me to the oppositions powerless. Is Lyn a coward? Not in my view. Leaving everything behind is never easy but if you have a choice where you do not have to live in constant fear and would be treated as equals, would you? I would. Reform is never easy and for you to criticise and not understand the people who are frustrated about the government, you are not fuelling their energy to change the situation but telling them that there is one person less who understands how they feel.

4:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leaving everything behind is never easy? i say that is the easisest thing to do. Let me put it in perspective for you. you say you want to be treated like equals, yes we all do. but if all of us were to leave malaysia for "other" developed countries bringing along this cowardice - "things are not working out here, let's start anew" mentality, we are actually corrupting "other" developed countries way of life. an example would be how australia used to be a really laid back country but now it is getting more and more competitive and selfish. why? because there are too many asians with the kiasu mentality in australia now. these people are working longer hours, OT, etc...so much so the local aussies feel the asians are spoiling the market. That is an example. But that is a productive and growth related example. it has its good and bad. But this..."leaving the country because the government is going to throw ISA at you" mentality? there is nothing positive about that? yes, moving to another country might be good for you, for now...but what about your offsprings? they inherit these negative traits from their parents. what sort or world would they be living in down the road? do we go to a cleaner, fresher country to burn fuel in our gas guzzling hummers because our home country is way too polluted for our liking? i say we stay and we fight for our rights. demonstrations is merely a method to show the goverment that a certain group is unhappy. just a preview. u want things to change for real? for good? Vote.
do not underestimate the power of perseverance. after all aren't we all taught by our parents, that if we work hard enough, we will get the things we want?
of course you all are entitled to yuor own beliefs and practices, but for me, i choose to do something meaningfull that will change some people's lives for the better.
we need more lim kit siangs around....
saddens me to see how individualistic the chinese are, even among our own skin colour countrymen.

8:48 AM  
Blogger Charles said...

If you have read my previous posts, I did strongly encourage people to practice their voting rights because that is the most direct and straight forward way for us to change who is up there. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, you're right, but for you to say leaving everything behind is easy? That cannot be true can it? Leaving everything that you once loved and cherished, your friends, your home, the feeling and sense of familiarity. How can that be easy? When you give example of Australia and what Asians influenced them to become, I guess that you studied there and if you happen to read my blog and is one of my friends who chooses to be anonymous, then I feel happy that someone so young can be so passionate about this subject and hunger for a change. I really feel that we need more people who views things like you do. In Australia, where I once studied, is crowded with Asians and I do not see any problems with that. More people means more spending power and thus injection into the economy and thus creating more job opportunity and that is a sign of growth. Do you not wish for malaysia to be like that, to prosper? So in my view, that is not something bad. We wish to air our views to the government, we wish to let them know that we are displeased but to what extent are we able to take rejections. Where is our breaking point as we face constant fear from our government and the police force as we are threatened with suits and actions taken upon us should we "stand up". Why leave? What about our offspring? You have a point. But I wish for a safer environment for my children and have them a fair fighting chance. Life is selfish and I do not pride myself to be someone who is righteous enough to put down everything to fight for justice. I am not like that. Sometimes, faced with great disappointment, you choose to reconsider your options. If I leave, it will not be anytime soon, I do hope for things to change for the better but after all that happened, I am no longer optimistic. Tell me, what good is a demonstration and a rally and petitions if the government ignores your cries and plights? Do they know about our anger and dissatisfaction? Of course they do. Do you understand, they do not give two flying motherfucking fucks and there are too many people who are ignorant. So what if you fucking have 40,000 people rallying when the rest do not fucking see what we see, do not feel what we feel. Leaving is not a sign of cowardice, it is merely a thought that we have in search for something better. Sometimes, fighting a losing battle may not be a sign of bravery but to a certain extent, stupidity. Maybe you feel that there is hope, maybe I feel otherwise.

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charles, all valid points. it is true not everyone shares the same opinion let alone courage and patience in politics. But before we lose the plot here, i see we are all idealists here. on your end, you choose to take the more practical approach... so i guess, what i'm trying to say is "Lyn, u want to migrate? keep it to yourself, do it yourself. no one is going to stop you but don't spark disappointment and spread sense of hopelessness to others. It takes years to cultivate trust and hope but only seconds to spread pesismistic feelings."

after all nobody asked for lyn's opinion.

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall — think of it, always."
- Gandhi

7:14 AM  
Blogger Charles said...

I would not say that Lyn is wrong. Her opinion on this does actually reflect the trend of where most of the minority community like us ( I take it that you may be chinese), are heading toward. Many migrate to seek a place where they will be able to succeed in whatever they wish to do, or at least have a chance to be better than who they can be right here. If you look at the Malaysia's top 10 richest list, I believe that there is only one Malay and one Indian, Syed Mokhtar and Ananda Krishnan. So you see, as much as we hate to talk about who makes the most money and risk creating another problem within races, chinese are inevitably bringing in the money and injecting it into the economy, paying the most taxes and all. With an increasing number of chinese leaving the country (remember that they are doing this for their own good, and as I said, not everyone is a vigilante in fighting for justice), the economic growth of this country will dfinitely be affected and one of our main resources, oil, has reached it's peak output and from the next few years on, the quantity will deplete and it is all going downhill. Trust me, by having more chinese leave, the government will feel the pinch.
And please do tell me Mr. Anonymous, how many times have you heard politicians asking us to go back to where we belong, which is China of course.
Lyn is someone who is extremely smart and intelligent and her knowledge surpasses many people that I know. She is young and has a very bright future, when she leaves, this country stands to lose and the government will once again ask why the students are not coming back to Malaysia to work. Lyn is not working yet and thus she still have the chance to choose, so please let her be. Malaysia should be taught a lesson as to how important every race is to this country and if they wish for us to go away, then what can we say? We leave not because we are afraid of them, we leave because we should let them know what they stand to lose without us. Ask any of your malay friends and see who really agrees with what the government says or do. The government targets the people who are ignorant and people who are not exposed to what they are doing, rural areas, developing areas, promising them new schools and new bridges and shits. How many chinese school has been torn down? How many more Indian temple will fall? And the RM400 million mosque... don't you see how ridiculous this is? That is why, leaving is definitely an option to make them realise. It's just that people like you and me have commitments here and thus we will do what we can to change.

9:36 AM  
Blogger Faridz said...

"Lyn, u want to migrate? keep it to yourself, do it yourself. no one is going to stop you but don't spark disappointment and spread sense of hopelessness to others"

ugh, a certified know it all. Its a free country and comments are open to all. Shes entitled to her own opinion and pretty much can type whatever she wants to unless of course Mr.Anonymous owns the rights to her fingers or whatever. And last i checked, no one asked for your self righteous opinons as well.

quoting Gandhi? what are you? a fagotron? Ive a quote for you too.

"Im a total douchebag"

and whats with the political blog posts lately. malay this, chinese that. I say leave this political crap to those who are involved in politics. Unless you want to be involved in politics 1 day, go organize a debate thing at your local council hall or something. At the end of the day you lot go back to a nice home, have money in your pockets to buy your booze and cigs, fill up your cars with petrol (V power i hope), spend time at karaoke bars, go out with your girlfriends, go to clubs and have enough money to pay for your mobile phone bills and not to mention your bloody internet bill to read this blog. So count your lucky stars that you lot werent born poor and struggling to put food in your private school educated stomachs.

oh boy, anonymous is gonna go all self righteous on my ass now.

12:13 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

Everyone fights for a different cause, some for the betterment of themselves and some for their country. Do not pre-judge and do not criticise those who are not in-view with you.
Faridz and I have known each other for so long and when we meet up even after such a long time of not seeing each other, he will be exactly how I remember him to be the last time I saw him. We just pick up from where we left off.
Faridz is right when he said that we can say whatever we wish and no one should dictate what we should or should not do given we stay within the law. That's what democracy is all about isn't it.
Faridz, we are, for me at least, am just throwing out my displeasure towards the government in a medium where I feel it is safe(r). Discrimination against races was not brought up, it's my response to what the menteris said about the minority groups, segregating malaysians.
On a lighter note... bila nak main futsal?

2:38 PM  
Blogger lyn said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

9:12 AM  
Blogger lyn said...

i really never knew your blog was so political..
is it government monitored charles?? hahaha

but thanks guys for defending my rights to the freedom of speech..
sadly not a lot of people see things that way..
the choices that we are left with is: either my way or the highway..

if everyone is like anonymous one day i think everyone will have to be brainwashed so that they keep a blind eye to the problems our country is facing..
sad isn't it

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm...this is getting quite exciting but u r losing the plot here people. i will keep this as short as possible. before i get to you charles, let me just ask why is faridz quoting anonymous telling me he is a douchebag?
i find that very strange.
but anyway...do u faridz know how to use quotes? ignorant u r to say leave politics to politicians. u do realize 'politics' affect everyone including yourself. maybe less for you as u r a bumiputra. it would be silly for you to vote against your priviledges so i 'totally' understand.
i must apologize to everyone who feels the need or want to leave the country for calling u 'fucking retards'. so there, u had it...sorry.
Charles, you are a good man...and i hope the days of your children will be happy ones, malaysia or not.
i'm a little too sleepy to type and i don't think anyone will emerge victorious in this debate and you know i could go on forever. but u guys get my point and we understand each other, so thats good.

we all want the country to be fair and to prosper...

btw....freedom of speech yea?

"Fuck you Faridz, you mother fucking muslim cock sucker. i hope your asshole rots with maggots that calls you their prophet mohammed eunuch."

Think freedom of speech before replying my self righteous post ok?

Faridz, your mama told me you r a faggot who walks like a duck everytime after visiting the gym showers... do u like it?

11:03 AM  
Blogger Faridz said...

yay! a reply at last!

hahaha what you say doesnt affect me the slightest bit mate. You can go on and on bout the prophet, bout my religion, bout my mom calling me a faggot and dayummn what did my dad tell you bout me then..anyway, you can say it straight to me face and i still wont be bothered.

Seriously..ask Charles or no,no, ask especially Razman! I have the best "i cant be bothered face" ever, so he tells me..so the answer to your question "do i like it" is neither yes or no..i just cant be bothered. Just as how I cant be bothered to vote, whether BN wins or PAS wins or DAP wins or Hindraf wins, whether some guy is holding a keris or not, i seriously cant be bothered. So me being a bumiputra and whether politics effects me or everyone in general, be it both my races since im a bit of everything or any other race really doesnt bother me. The tsunami tragedy didnt bother me the slightest bit and my ass hopefully being filled up with maggots in the near future doesnt really seem to bother me at all. Sorry to disappoint you mate if your specially thought-of comments for me were suppose to hurt or stir up some angry feelings within me. I just wanted to stir things up with you..kinda makes me feel alive that I managed to annoy Dorothy's best friend. Sorry again mate for not being too bothered. :(

Im sure you'll probably ,if youre not too sleepy the next time that is, that youll come up with something smart to say bout my cant be bothered attitude but get this! This has been bothering me a lot..if one says awesome to everything, which means that there is no un-awesome, does that mean that awesome by definition is just..mediocre?

12:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

will u be bothered if you can't fill up your car with v power?
will u be bothered if your gf was raped and the rapist can only be convicted if the incident was witnessed by 3-4 muslim men?
will u be bothered if you are arrested by ISA, held without trial for 60 days while looking at further remands, if you did not do anything wrong (you just so happen to be passing along a demonstration and got arrested).?

If you are not bothered, i take my hat off for you. really.

7:12 AM  
Blogger Charles said...

What the fuck happened man... I was only gone for the weekends man. First off, do not, please fucking do not insult my friends and what you think of races and religions should be best kept in yourself and not to blabber it out like this. You speak of wanting equality and a chance for democracy and you are talking about religion and race? Way to go champion. For your info Mr. Anonymous, those who got apprehended were not only indians but also malays during the BERSIH rally and please... what the fuck is up with gf being raped and watched by muslims... do not fucking assume that no other races does crime. And to be very honest, Faridz seriously have a fucking great "i don't give a fuck" face.

9:50 AM  
Blogger Faridz said...

will u be bothered if you can't fill up your car with v power?
will u be bothered if your gf was raped and the rapist can only be convicted if the incident was witnessed by 3-4 muslim men?
will u be bothered if you are arrested by ISA, held without trial for 60 days while looking at further remands, if you did not do anything wrong (you just so happen to be passing along a demonstration and got arrested).?

No v-power? Go to BHP or Mobil, all them petrol are the same if it moves your car.

If my gf was raped? Then ill probably just move on and find a new gf. Or stay with her and look like a prince in her eyes. Either way, the way i see it, ill come out as being pretty awesome.

If i was arrested under the ISA? wow, thatd be the day...and that wont happen cause if I cant be bothered bout politics and all that, the chances of me being caught for anything is very slim, let alone non existant.

As a conclusion, I still cant be bothered, so go get a hat and take it off to/for me.

i love this!

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Faridz, i'm glad you said the things you said. =)
my hat is off for you.
If there are more people like u around, there will be less people like me around. we can all sit down, roast some marshmallows and sing kumbaya...then

Charles, charles....i say read what i typed 'carefully'.

"First off, do not, please fucking do not insult my friends and what you think of races and religions should be best kept in yourself and not to blabber it out like this."
--hmm...freedom of speech? you are a very very...very black pot.

"You speak of wanting equality and a chance for democracy and you are talking about religion and race? Way to go champion. For your info Mr. Anonymous, those who got apprehended were not only indians but also malays during the BERSIH rally and please..."
-- maybe it is your turn to be sleepy, charles. i am not siding on any race at all... refer to my previous posts.
All i want is for malaysians to not give up on each other and believe in democracy. don't like the ruling party, vote against it. don't get the results u want, persevere because we are not or should i say we should not be a nation that gives up whenever the road gets bumpy. meanwhile don't discourage fellow countrymen to stay in their home country. that is MY point. MARK THESE WORDS, CHARLES!! got it?

"what the fuck is up with gf being raped and watched by muslims... do not fucking assume that no other races does crime."
-- go figure the hudud law, PAS tried to implement. don't understand, don't know where to look, ask faridz... your friend.

"And to be very honest, Faridz seriously have a fucking great "i don't give a fuck" face."
-- i don't doubt it, Charles. cuz i've seen it. my fellow cempakans.

not too shock, i hope.
freida taught me to be righteous.

10:17 PM  
Anonymous 61 said...

Just vote for Ali G to be prime minister and malaysia will be all good and RESPECT -ed .

if malaysia and we malaysians really suck big time ... the US should just drop us a few atomic bombs. then we can all go back holland

12:55 AM  
Anonymous 61 said...

btw , not trying to be sarcastic nor being an ignorant citizen ,

don't create another may 13 ...
although i have no fuucking idea what happened that day ... it sounded bad when the old folks goes story-telling-time

12:59 AM  
Anonymous Charles-phone said...

this is really disstressing and about me being a black pot? Come on man. Freedom of speech is one thing but talking about our friend's religion? That is just way out of line. Why even incite hate? Should that be the way? No my friend. If you are a fellow cempakan, you should know better that not all Malays, Indians and even Chinese are like those whom have been stereotyped. That is just unfair if you ask me. I have no idea who you really are but i guess that you have your fair share of Malay friends so please do not bombard their religion or the law that their religion practice. As far as I know, the laws implemented in the states governed by pas is not even used by the federal government. I just do not understand why you gave to lash out at even our friends because of those sitting in the cabinet. There are plenty of Malays hoping for a change too, hoping for a better tomorrow. I have said it before that I admire your enthusiasm and passion but we do not abuse the freedom that is granted upon us. We use this freedom of speech that we have to fight for the things we believe in and not diss other races, even worse, our friends. That is all I am trying to say. I hope you understand and not attack the Malays in general. They wish for a better country for their children too don't you think? And for us who studied in cempaka before, do you really think that they need the privilege, subsidies and all that? For all you know, we might all want the same thing but work for it in different ways. I still stand by what I say about people having their freedom to choose the path that they wish to follow be it leaving or staying.

1:48 AM  
Blogger Faridz said...

Funny how from persuading malaysians to stay in malaysia, it quickly moves to an all anti-malay-Islam rant.

Why cant people just discuss about whether Lauren Conrad is hot or not or whether Felicity really needed to cut her hair off in season 2 or how is it that Taylor Rain isnt dead with aids yet and why in the world, based on my extensive illustrious FM managerial career, cant England successfully play a 5 man midfield with Gerard just in front of the defence line with Lampard in the midfield holding role and Rooney operating just behind a centre forward (at the moment my vote goes to Crouch) with Becks on the right whipping in them crosses for Lerch to head them in cause really, thats all that matters anyway if you come to think of it. That and why Sir Alex isnt buying a proper centre forward just boggles my fifa-untrained mind.

who cares what frieda taught you or what she didnt. Everyone knows that one went to cempaka only for football during lunch hours. Oh and there was Wei Yu, damn she was a looker eh.

-- i don't doubt it, Charles. cuz i've seen it. my fellow cempakans.

fullstops, check, dramatics, check. and thats why I love this online soap opera here. Reminds me of La Usurpadora..now that was a class show

11:41 AM  
Blogger lyn said...

hahaha you all are damn jokers la..
abusing one another like this..
mo-liu? nothing to do is it?
nothing to do then let's all just go out drinking an take a chill pill and a whole cup of shut the fuck up to anonymous la..

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Charles-phone said...

either one of us needs to get laid. I know I do but I am suffering from a terrible backache. Now that we have spoken about politics, let's move on to environmental issues shall we?

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"take a chill pill and a whole cup of shut the fuck up"?
wow!! i'll make the 1st toast to you lyn.
do you have "piss off and go get one of charles' "someone needs to get laid" " drink as well? you might need it.
and oh!! Yes, charles..i get you, you were about to type one of those 'STOP INSULTING my friends..' lines next, right? if yes, save it. if not, good.
hmmm..faridz, keep it light, eh? that 'freida taught me' thing...that was sarcasm and hint of joke there. but it's difficult to get it, considering text never represented tonage. so i understand.
this is getting boring. 3-5 audiences.
reading back...its funny to see you , charles getting off topic. but since all of us keep returning here to read each other's post, i say maybe...just maybe...malaysia still has hope. provided lyn would go take a chill pill and a whole cup of shut the fuck up.


here we go again.

ps. faridz, u likin it?

10:07 PM  
Anonymous maidenluck said...

i like your style, anonymous.
Reading this loooooonng posts from everyone, i must say lyn appears ignorant and childish.

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

charles needs fybogel

1:48 AM  
Anonymous devil said...

go lyn... go lyn....

6:49 AM  
Anonymous devil said...

dear charles,
how are you? the reason why this comment is written because i have been wondering for quite a long time, and my curiousity has beaten my patients.. therefore i must, MUST ask you this question....

are you a nerd???

yours sincerely,

6:52 AM  
Anonymous devil said...

anonymous.... you're acting as if you were drop when you were a baby,
head first. causing your severe retardation worst eh?
no offence, but we all do care about you... its ok to be different

6:56 AM  
Anonymous angel said...

FUCK YOU DEVIL, you dont say shit like that to charles

7:04 AM  
Anonymous devil said...

sorry charles

7:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

devil, patience is spelt this way.

not patients.

now say thank you.

7:50 AM  
Blogger Charles said...

You see, we are actually all on the same page when it comes back to the main and original topic, which is all of us feeling like we need a change. Let's leave it at that. We just choose different approaches, that's all.
Faridz being cool and don't give a fuck.
Anonymous being all fiery and passionate to the extent that he does not care for people's feelings.
Lyn just being truthful of her thoughts and feelings.

We all approach this differently. SO why not we put down the mug of "shut the fuck up" and all come out for a beer. I'm buying.

Angel& Devil - Hi.

9:25 AM  
Blogger Faridz said...

huh? me liking what? I did realize that is was filled with sarcasm that frieda comment hence my wei yu comment, geeez...tsk tsk anyway..

Did you lot know that back in 1919, the Russian transplant pioneer Serge Voronoff made headlines by grafting monkey testicles onto human males?

thats me dropping some knowledge just so you all know.

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when are u starting a new post, charles?
this one has lost its spark.

2:27 PM  
Anonymous osama said...

Charles as next Prime Minister !!!!!! Make our country a better place .

ohh .. he's chinaman! woooppss
go get the skin cut off dude and maybe you'll stand a chance

4:28 PM  
Blogger Faridz said...

yeah charles! go cut off your skin man!

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


6:33 AM  
Anonymous unbelievable said...

Charles! I think you have a serious stalker problem here! Better be careful of that anonymous person... whoever he is... He is stalking your blog for updates and comments.

Get your own blog weirdo!!!

9:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to unbelievable,

i'm too lazy to start my own blog.
secondly, i make this interesting, if not why r u reading this?

8:38 AM  

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