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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stomped our Neighbour's Yard

We are back from Singapore and although it was really tiring having to coordinate so many things and keeping many things in check, it was bloody fun nonetheless. We were in Singapore for the Singapore Fashion Festival '08 and unlike many fashion shows that you might have had the chance to see, what we did was extraordinary. Most of you guys know me so you should also have guessed that it was a fashion show on underwear. The whole event was called Sex-y in the city and it definitely lived up to it's name for the ladies and also the non-straight-community which I dare say, took up a lot of space in the tent. It was held in front of Ngee Ann city which is mostly refered to us as Takashimaya, in a tent big enough to accomodate 400 people. The whole tent was literally filled with guests, celebrities, people from the media and press and I have no idea who else. It was massive and it was god damn fun.

Day 1

We gathered at Corus Hotel at 9.00am where the Aeroline bus took off and thus began our 5 hours journey. The ride was smooth and most of the people did not sleep. I was walking around with a video camera and bugging everyone until it reaches a point where I realised that Sarah (NEWMAN Magazine) wanted to stuff the vidcam up my ass, that I decided to shut it off and shut the fuck up. They served subway sandwiches on board for breakfast and later during lunch, we had rice and some stuff, I can't really remember what. Everyone was chatting and I think that it was fun, getting to know each other and all that. The journey went on smoothly except for that one time where they had to stop at a second rest area because they forgot to bring those plastic spoons on board and they could not expect people to be eating with their hands. Once we passed the border, everyone was a little more excited, more excited than watching the three movies that we watched on board, Transformer, Tokyo Drift and Into The Blue. Many people from the media was invited and mny of whom I know personally and that made this trip so much easier... in the sense that they can take care of themselves and do not need me to watch over them. Once there, we took another bus which transported us to Grand Hyatt hotel where we checked in and after so many hours, got to rest for a bit.

The room, as expected, was beautiful. Time did not permit us to stay and laze for too long as everyone was expected to meet at the lobby in less than two hours. Some took showers and some didn't and I happened to be the latter. Everyone was changed and waiting when I reached the lobby and they were very much anticipating how the show would turn out.

We walked for about 5 minutes before reaching Ngee Ann City and many already gathered there, awaiting the start of the show and of course, awaiting the star of the show. Marcus Schenkenberg was flown down from New York to model for this event and he is said to be the first male supermodel and by saying that, you might be thinking, "God damn that dude should be old." As a matter of fact he is. Being at 39, he will easily put anyone in his 20s to shame with a physique like his. His requirements were not exorbitant to start with, 5-star hotel with a gym and business class tickets. He was genuinely a very nice person, not that I had the chance to speak with him at lengths but for a few minutes at the after party in ZOUK.

The media people... good thing all the young ones attended
Everyone got their VIP passes and went in. A few Audi were on display and they were breath-takingly beautiful. I have always loved to own one, I am not a greedy person, personally an R8 would do the trick just fine. The show started and eveyone was already in the mood as music filled the hall with an atmosphere likened to what a club feels like. Models appeared one by one and showcased the best that the underwear industry has to offer which is obviously from us.

This my friend is Marcus Schenkenberg
After the fashion show, where the ladies were all visually worn out, trying to zoom in to the crotch area of the models, we headed back to the hotel where we got to change and went for dinner. Dinner was simply magnificent with delicacies ranging from Chinese to Indian to Western to dan lain lain.

After dinner, everyone rested for a little before heading out to ZOUK in a specially chartered bus and that was where all the not so contemporary fun starts. Characters revealed themselves one by one after a whiskey or two. Some slept, some vomitted and some just became loud. I belonged to the last category after the numerous jugs of Long Island Tea that Wern Shen exchanged with the coupons given to us. The night was great and a few of us got the chance to meet up and took pictures with the man who made all the hoo-ha Marcus Schenkenberg.
Well... it was a great experience and from what everyone told me, they are all awaiting the next similar event. If we are going to do it here in KL, I promise you guys that it will be even more captivating that this one. Hey... how can I top somethin
g like what was done in Singapore. Remember, I am after all, Charles.

Until next time.

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Blogger pitamos said...


(fortunately, i've a blog too but am not about to divulge its whereabouts.:p)

12:53 AM  
Blogger pitamos said...

okay im so gonna steal those pics wid me innit since you had the cheek to put up pic of me and melvin :p

you know what im toking bout.

12:59 AM  
Blogger Charles said...

I'm gonna find out sooner or later...and you better bet on that

10:49 AM  
Blogger razman said...

i thought i know you better weh...i was really looking forward to girls in undies...instead, you put up pictures of marcus schkenberg's crotch...why weh why???

2:30 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

hahaha... i cannot satisfy everyone... so this post is for Johan

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the last photo there.. hmmm its a huge difference.You look really tiny standing next to him but in reality you look really huge standing next to your friends.

6:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the last photo there.. hmmm its a huge difference.You look really tiny standing next to him but in reality you look really huge standing next to your friends.

6:29 PM  

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